During this podcast I speak about carrying a more peaceful disposition.

  • My current spiritual experiment
  • The power of the human mind
  • How a positive disposition may influence our experiences
  • Going with the flow
  • This podcast is 19 minutes in length

Listen to the audio:

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4 Responses to “018 A Father Who Cares with Lenon Honor”

  1. A Friend says:

    Lenon, I go through almost the same experience every time I go out in public. People smile, nod (sometimes stare) and I’m not CONSCIOUSLY doing anything! At first I thought maybe it was because I decided to let my beard grow out (lol) but I believe they are picking up on my peaceful disposition. As you are well aware, our subconscious mind is giving off certain frequencies all the time, whether we know it or not, and this is what attracts our physical realities to us. Just think if we ALL knew this and ALL CONSCIOUSLY selected the frequency we wanted to “broadcast”…I will join you in your “experiment” and keep you posted on my findings…Peace!

    • Lenon Honor says:

      So far my experiment has allowed me to experience more love and peace n my life. I plan to continuing with this experiment to see where it leads me. Be sure to update me when you can. Blessings.

  2. Alex says:

    This was beautiful. I love the feeling of knowing that you have brightened up someones day with a simple smile or some kind words. Instantly rewarding for all involved.

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