During this podcast I speak about several topics related to my trip to San Diego.

  • My mother’s wonderful level of understanding
  • Learning to allow my children more space to grow
  • The importance of protecting our children
  • Forgiving my father enough to allow my sons to visit him
  • This podcast is 12 minutes in length

Listen to the audio:

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2 Responses to “019 A Father Who Cares with Lenon Honor”

  1. Alex says:

    I had a similar conversation with my mother in law yesterday. We had the family round for the day and i was telling her we had trouble getting our daughter down for her nap (we sometimes have to talk to her for quite a while when we put her down or she wakes up right away) . My mother in law had looked after our daughter for an hour last week while i was at work and my wife had to run some errands. It was the first time we had left her with someone else. She said “oh she went to sleep for me, i just put the radio on”. I then had to say in front of other family members that we don’t want her listening to radio or watching tv. Her response was “its only music”. I said it’s not just the music but the adverts and news broadcasts we don’t want her to hear. It’s a difficult conversation to have (especially with our own parents) but it is important that we make the effort to have them.

    • Lenon Honor says:

      I totally know what you mean. It’s important that these conversations are had early on so as to minimize the possibility of a confrontation. I have had to deal with this issue with my mother on several occasion but she tends to listen to me and take heed (but not all the time). Some times we have to talk things out before she understands. But again, the most important thing is that the conversation is had early on.

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