Mind Control 911This book “The 911 Fear-Based Mind Control Program” takes a critical look at the psychological impact of September 11th, 2001.  It was on that date that the global population witnessed a horrific event that stimulated extreme levels of fear.  This fear, which was not consciously processed, brought forth a profound trauma that was submerged within the subconscious mind of the global population.

Since September 11th, 2001 mass media has consistently triggered this subconscious trauma through the use of cyclical fear-based programing.  In triggering the subconscious trauma, the global population has been rendered into a state of perpetual fear.  As a consequence, the global population continues to externalize power and does so without conscious awareness.

This book “The 911 Fear-Based Mind Control Program” also provides solutions as to how the global population can resolve the trauma of September 11th, 2001.  In resolving the trauma the global population will be empowered to step beyond the limiting restrictions of subconscious programming and embrace the infinite possibilities of conscious creativity.  This book is 144 pages in length.

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24 Responses to “The 911 Fear-Based Mind Control Program”

  1. Citizen says:

    I admire your work. I think we need the information you promote urgently. For instance, in Venezuela, we are under a very special case of study of fascism by the official government.

  2. The Vivid Lazer Eye Guy says:

    Excellent work brother .. Very insightful and thought provoking ..

  3. tonyt187 says:

    I admire your work Lenon. I watched the full 5 hour presentation you did on this topic & you have really opened my mind. I rarely buy eboons but made an exception to buy this one. Keep up your amazing work 🙂

  4. A believer says:


    I heard you on a podcast and was floored. Unlike yourself, not only did myself and a few friends never believe the official story, we actually predicted such events would happen. Not precisely the events of 9/11, just a huge false flag event that would propel us into a new war. We had no idea it would be on this scale… We just knew it would happen after GW’s inauguration. So… With that being said…my group of friends never believed the official story. However, we fell deep inside the trap of alternate theories and feeding off of the idea that nothing is as it seems. It wasn’t until recently that I heard you speak and realized I fell into their “alternate trap” of fear. I must say… I believe you are spot on with this. It has been a long 12 years of putting life on hold and obsessing over all of the things you discuss. Even going as far as obsessing over other things such as…. ETs, breakaway civilizations, HAARP….etc…. Etc. It has effected my life dramatically and has had damaging consequences. To make matters worse I have a long history of obsessing over things, so you can imagine how such behaviors have exacerbated my feeding frenzy over theoretical conspiracies! I wouldn’t say it ruined my life but definitely damage has been done. Never has it crossed my mind that im being manipulated by the alternate views. When I say alternate views I do not mean Alex Jones or folks like that. I do all of my own research and fact finding, however, the end result is the same. Fear. Fear on so many different levels. Fear of government, fear of not being told the truth, fear of the unknown…. I mean…. You can literally go on for hours. It wasn’t until I heard you speak that I realized how I’ve been shutdown. I too am a musician and multi instrumentalist at that! I’ve been so obsessed with all of this nonsense I haven’t felt like doing anything musically for several years! Obsessing over things beyond our knowing and living in fear drains the creativity right out of me! Time to get back to life!!!

    THANK YOU! I am indebted to you! You had information I NEEDED to hear. I’m so glad I did! You changed my life!

  5. Hello Mr Honor. I have a lot to say but I will keep it simple for now as it pertains to this video and subject or I would be here all day writing a book.
    First Ide like to say, I think your quite brave coming out and speaking against this shameful event in America even though the powers that be will stop at nothing to continue their power of influence and control. Not many men are as brave as you and I. Ive been speaking out on this for sometime now. People say I’m nuts or a conspiracy theorist, they say I’m a radical and a extremist, they say I even hate my own country when in fact, I’m none of the above. Through all this ridicule and minimization, I still continue my path of intellectual reasoning of research.
    During this process of seeking and exposing the truth i have gone through a lot of resistance and harassment from what I can only call the powers that be, because i don;t know exactly who it is. Through these intimidation practices I reached a point where I started to fear for my life and in return ceased to expose these misguided individuals for their draconian ideology and practices. After some times I came to terms with the fear that ultimately diminished my intentions of truth discovery. When i finally realized that my descent only empowers their effort and belief that through fear and intimidation I can be subject to control. Once I came to terms with this understanding and with death as a possibility in this path, I started to feel free. As I watch this particular video for the first time, I said to myself, wow, another aware citizen. Its certainly good to know that there are people out there that are still taking steps to get this message out. In my opinion, as years distant this event, those efforts become increasingly minimized.
    The part of this video that impacted me the most is your definition of consciousness and subconsciousness. You explain how consciousness works in linear such as past present and future and subconsciousness understand cycles. You’ve explained consciousness and sub consciousness like I’ve never understood it. I thought it was great. I would like to talk to you a bit more on your opinions in other areas. Hopefully we can dialog one day. I think it would be fun. Well all and all thanks for this presentation Mr Honor. Keep up the good work.

  6. youssra says:

    Thanks for all your vids and work. I am making research on the breaking of our mind defense for a bit of time now.
    I think that the real problem is that people don’t use a mind protection, or critical thinking.
    It is a long processus in my case it begins at school where you have to believe things without no explanations and you are not allowed to have your own version of evenements. My conclusion are that you only have to repeat stuff enough for people to begin to believe them. Also if some “leaders” says that stuff people will believe it more easily. Leaders include doctors, experts, government, media, or teachers. In general people you trust.
    Finally, the problem is not the propaganda but people believing in propaganda and not being able of critical thinking.
    Anyway thanks for your work and sorry for the bad english…

  7. Otis Redmon, Jr. says:

    Just ordered a copy of your book. The facts can not be denied. Looking forward to reading your work and I thank you for helping me get my vision back. Peace to you and you family. < O.

  8. jason holmes says:

    Hi Lenon, I’m from the UK and have just ordered your book and become a premium member, this is the first time I’ve ever subscribed to anything that cost me some green but I think your info is so important that I have, you’ve made a big difference in my life and made me change myself, my outlook and my conduct with my wife.

    Peace and love to you bro… Rooters lol

    Oh and do you have a twitter account, if so I might be following the wrong one because I got a DM from ‘you’ recommending some spam..


    • Lenon Honor says:

      Greetings James. Glad to have you aboard. Happy that you signed up. I do have a twitter account but I have it connected to my facebook account so every time I post of facebook it appears on my twitter feed. I should have a link to my twitter account on my website’s main page. That would be the twitter account you would want to follow. Please send my regards to your wife. Go Rooters! -lol

  9. John LeRoux says:

    I am going to get the paperback edition.You have done a very creative
    and helpful thing here.I grew up in the “other” psyops events JFK,MLK.
    RFK,JFKjr. and too many more.

    I think conscious creation is the key out of this Black Magic Hell.

    best Regard


  10. Debbie Wilson says:

    Can you tell me if Colin Flaherty is telling the truth about “black mob violence”? At one time I felt like there was something wrong, but I dismissed it. I don’t see any evidence of it happening here where I live, but are black people really being mind controlled by the government and the media to treat white people with violence? I think I can sort of see how this is causing fear not only with black people but also with white people as well. I really want to put this into perspective. I also don’t want to live my life in fear or looking over my shoulder. I agree it keeps one from functioning.


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