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      1. The Truth About September 11th 2001 Part 1

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2 Responses to “The Truth About September 11th Part 1”

  1. Malik says:

    Greetings Lenon,

    This is an excellent video. I too just finished an article on fear based programming, and referenced within the article that Sept. 11th is around the corner, and to be prepared for the media machine to begin cracking up the terror based stories. What’s so ironic is that just like clock work, the media has broken a story about a U.S. reporter who was kidnapped and later beheaded by a member of ISIS in 2012 while the event was being video tapped. It would be foolish for anyone to believe that this video tape, if authentic, just surfaced 3 1/2 weeks before 9/11… I’m sure this is only the beginning.

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