During this podcast I introduce myself and share some of my childhood experiences and how such experiences have shaped my progressions into manhood, fatherhood, and husbandhood.

  • My wife Ayida and my 5 wonderful children
  • The importance of committing oneself to a level of excellence
  • My early childhood
  • My father’s verbal and physical abuse towards my mother
  • My father’s alcohol and drug addiction’s impact on my childhood
  • How my father lost my first job
  • My transcendence of my painful childhood experiences for the sake of my wife and my children
  • This podcast is 32 minutes in length

Listen to the audio:

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2 Responses to “001 A Father Who Cares with Lenon Honor”

  1. hello says:

    I think that Focus on the Family needs to get some tips from you.

  2. Lenon Honor says:

    Greetings “hello”. I will definitely be addressing this issue more in future broadcasts. Thank you for taking the time to listen in. Peace.

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