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Second Half (53 minutes)

moorish civil letterBrother Abdullah El Talib Mosi Bey is a graduate of Glassboro State College, where he earned a B.A. Degree in Sociology. He continued his educational pursuits and also acquired a Masters Degree at Rutgers University Graduate School of Social Work. His greatest impact in the area of inter-social reform and Birthrights Consciousness, including literary contributions to the Humanitarian Cause came about with his association and activities with “The Moors Order Of The Roundtable” (M.O.O.The R).

Years of studies, writings and participation among the Aboriginal Moors in this active Order and school of learning, has magnified Abdullah Bey’s applicable  understanding as to the negative social, political and economical impacts that ‘negative law’ has had upon our people. This has exponentially broadened his social work knowledge. Brother Bey’s accomplishments include owning and publishing one newspaper – ‘The Moorish Civiletter’ that has been in existence since 1995.

Brother Bey served as Editor- in -Chief, Columnist and distributor for the Al Moroccan Star for more than five years. He was also Assistant Editor of the Moroccan Light Newspaper based in California. Through mentoring, diligent research and study of positive law and history, Brother Bey’s passion to bring the Moors back into the Constitutional fold of government has ignited him to move in the direction of Etymology, the study and origin of words. Under the tutelage of the late Professor John Burton  and Richard Bailey at Temple University (PASCEP), Brother Bey studied Etymology, Phonology, Morphology, Comparative Method, Greek, Basic and Advanced Grammar, Vocabulary Building and Poetry. Brother Bey is on staff at Temple University Pan African Studies Community Education Program known as PASCEP where he has taught Etymology to hundreds of students for the past eight years.

Website:  www.moorishciviletter.net           www.rvbeypublications.com

Youtube:  www.youtube.com/user/BeyVideos

Upcoming Book:  Moors and Masonry

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