Childbirth: The Ultimate Form of Creativity by Ayida Honor

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Ayida HonorGreetings,

My name is Ayida Honor and I am committed to assisting women in making choices to empower themselves as mothers.  Motherhood begins at conception and making empowered decisions during the pregnancy and in preparation for the birth process can be challenging.

There are times in life where I have felt a need to reach out to others in the same mindset as my own. Times when I needed to embrace that which is rooted in the essence of my cultural, spiritual and mental being. I have often felt a calling to become greater than I am and I am now willing to stop running from my own greatness and am ready to embrace that which I am magnetised to.

As  a healer one may face great challenges, obstacles of our own making or of the universe providing us with struggles to grow, to evolve. I have spoken to the universe I have whispered to the wind…”I am ready…”

As a mother of five children I know that when we seek to have a natural pregnancy and birth we mothers are often challenged by our doctors, our family,  our old belief systems and what we are shown through the media. I have experienced five natural births 3 of which were delivered unassisted by my husband in our home.  I have become more empowered with each of my birth experiences. I have grown to understand that each  pregnancy is unique and as we prepare to take part in the most sacred act of creativity “BIRTH” it is very important to feel empowered by facing these challenges.

Peace and Blessings,
Ayida Honor

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  1. Al says:

    This is great!

  2. Beth says:

    Wonderfully said!! I am so proud of you and Lenon with your parenting skills! and both of your creative spirits!!

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