Coaching Sessions with Lenon Honor

I specialize in relationship/marriage coaching, parenting advise, manhood training, and personal development.  My wife Ayida is also available to join us during your coaching session.  Coaching sessions are conducted over the phone, google hangouts, or skype.


30 minute session $50


1 hour session $95


2 hour session $180




“Receiving consultation from Lenon Honor was truly a blessing. He provided me clarity and confirmation about the journey that I am on to create a better me. His insights and wisdom are astounding! I highly recommend Lenonʼs services to anyone looking to improve his or her life.”

~Melissa Smith, M.S. Ed.

San Diego, California


“One hour of consultation with Lenon Honor cleared away years of “stuff”. We’re still working on the rest with excellent results. I feel really, really good and I’m in a good place.”

– Corie B.

Greensville, South Carolina


“Lenon is a fantastic counsler. In his presence the answers arise from within. Lenon helped me to regain the inner vision and find the power within.”

– Petri Hjalmarsson

Lund, Sweden


“Thank you Lenon. The series of consultations with you have such immediate and far reaching positive impact on all areas of my life…emotions, mind, relationships with women, relationships with family, my relationship with myself, fiancé, self-love and environment. I can’t wait to enjoy more of my life as the consultations continue!”

– Matt Kendz

Mason City, Iowa


“Lenon Honor nurtures others and inspires in others the desire for, and a belief in, something greater than that which is. Lenon is the quintessential teacher, educator, counselor, mentor, and sage.  He has been uniquely gifted with astonishing cognitive dexterity, intuition, and precision.”

– Tracey M.

St. Louis, Missouri


“Lenon has a communication style that is easy to follow and thus I could easily digest his words of wisdom.  I had 2 consultations with Lenon in regards to attracting a life partner.  He was completely honest and helped me to see that my expectations in a mate were not unrealistic, nor was I setting the bar too low.  As a result I have felt more balanced and at peace, knowing that when the time is right I will meet someone.  I would encourage anyone who is having trouble finding what they are looking for, to try Lenon’s Consultation Service.”

– Miki




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