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Second Half

feminization of menCurtis Duncan is a one of world’s most knowledgeable holistic health and weight loss experts and researchers and a master Emotional Freedom Technique practitioner. His areas of expertise include the Law of Attraction, the amazing power of self-love, mind-body medicine, Vitamin D and the miracles of sunlight exposure, agriculture, nutrition, the dangers of environmental chemicals and GMOs, herbal medicine, natural remedies, holistic weight loss, the dangers of stress, women’s and men’s health, preventing and curing disease, the dangers of Western Medicine and pharmaceuticals, mind control and propaganda, sexuality, sexual and reproductive health, eugenics, and food and health conspiracies. He has a deep understanding of the politics and business of obesity and “disease”, the dangers of pharmaceutical drugs and conventional medical treatments, and the fraudulent global Medical Monopoly and their conspiracy to make humanity sick and so they can make endless profits at individual’s and society’s expense.

His philosophy is your health is your birthright. His mission is to empower people to be healthy by giving them excellent information. He is truly passionate and committed to helping people to improve their quality of life. He knows that armed with the right information and tools, people can make better choices for their health and longevity. He has the necessary information and tools so people can people live life more abundantly. He has worked with clients throughout the globe and people have gotten phenomenal results applying the tools or information that he has. He is the creator of several health oriented products which include the Chemical Feminization and Emasculation of Men”.

“The Chemical Feminization and Emasculation of Men” is an awesome, information packed recording on how to avoid hidden chemicals that are behind the reason why testosterone levels have been declining, 30 million men have impotence, sperm counts have dropped by 50 percent, and men’s penises are getting smaller. The chemicals are also behind the exploding rates of male genital birth defects, autism, ADHD, prostate, testicular, and male breast cancer, belly fat/obesity, low libido, and man boobs or gynecomastia. These chemicals also have gender bending effects and cause men to act and behave like women and be gay. This is must have information for all men and women!

“Live Fibroid Free: The Secrets to Preventing and Curing Fibroids” is an highly informative, educational video which tells you the real reason why 80 percent of women today develop fibroids and how to shrink them in less than 3 months. The root cause of the disease is hormones specifically estrogen and insulin. In this video, you will learn the nutritional, emotional, and hormonal causes of the ailment, how to avoid harmful estrogen mimicking chemicals which cause fibroids, how to lower your insulin levels to shrink fibroids, supplements and herbs to shrink fibroids, what foods to avoid and proper diet to shrink fibroids. This is the world’s best information out to prevent and cure fibroids! http://www.drcurtisduncan.com/2013/02/live-fibroid-free-secrets-to-preventing.html

“Harmed By Hormones: How Estrogenic Chemicals Make Women Fat, Sick, and Manly” is an excellent information packed recording on how to avoid the estrogen mimicking chemicals that are behind the exploding rates of fibroids, PCOS, endometriosis, female infertility and miscarriages, and breast, ovarian, uterine, and cervical cancer. 1 in 8 women today will develop breast cancer as a result of these chemicals. These chemicals are also the reason why girls are going into puberty in the 2nd grade and why millions of women are fat and have flabby bellies. These chemicals also have gender bending effects and cause women to act and behave like men and be gay. This is must have information for all women!  http://www.drcurtisduncan.com/2012/03/death-by-estrogen-how-hormonal.html

Website:  www.drcurtisduncan.com         Twitter: http://twitter.com/drcurtisduncan

Facebook: drcurtisduncan       YouTube Channel:  http://www.youtube.com/thanks719
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