Digesting The Ancestral Code: Breastfeeding

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Breastfeeding is the ultimate form of nutrition for the baby and should be respected as such. Let’s talk about the physical and metaphysical aspects of breastfeeding.

The Original Mother which nurtures humanity within the cradle of her womb provides us with all that we need to survive: sustenance, shelter and the ability to bring forth our reflections through the birth process. As a reflection of the divine naturapath within each and every woman on this planet, we are given the opportunity to peer into the Earth Mother’s waters and birth life from your own wombs…

There is a sacred dance. Mitochondria moves energetically as sparks of ions rejoice in the activity of life destined to be.  This sacred dance of life can be found within all mothers and daughters. The Creation of Child is the sacred dance of energetic life, ever living, ever giving, creating itself from the nothingness of existence and growing into child. But once the child has been born, what then?

At birth the human child, like most mammals is completely dependent on mother. We must nurture and feed our babies for them to survive. I have breastfed five babies, watched them grow into individuals with personalities and capabilities of their very own. But what is breastfeeding and is it simply for nutritional value or is there more to be considered?

Breast milk connects the mother and child in many ways.

·         The hormones produced during pregnancy stimulate the production of milk
·         At birth the first milk or colostrum  is produced through lactogenesis
·         Oxytocin is released and stimulates the “let down reflex” which causes milk to flow
·         Milk will flow with just the act of thinking about our baby or hearing our baby cry

No man-made formula can produce that which our own bodies can produce: Breast milk contains the perfect balance of nutrition and vitamins to help baby to grow strong, beautiful and intelligent.

On a metaphysical level, I believe that breast milk is the first conduit in which information is transferred from mother to child. When I am breastfeeding my baby I know that I am sharing with him the ancestral code, the very essence of who he is, where he came from and what he is destined to be.

That being said, when baby calls for milk we mothers must be ready.  A mother must clear her thoughts and remain positive.  She must be patient and allow the milk to flow, allow the ancestral code to flow to her child.

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