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Second Half

Hazardous Chemicals in home

Donna Kasuska is founder and owner of ChemConscious, Inc,  a risk management consulting and training company.  Donna works with clients to assist with regulatory compliance regarding hazardous chemicals, process safety management, environmental topics, emergency response and security.  Donna specializes in providing customized services to meet the individual needs of her clients. Donna has worked for clients in the water treatment, food processing, oil & gas, chemical manufacturing and pharmaceutical industries.

Donna is also dedicated to bridging the information gap between industry and the public.  As a chemical engineer with over 30 years of experience, Donna has worked with hundreds of industry clients.  She has seen, first hand, how water is treated, food is processed and how many personal and household products are manufactured.  Throughout the years, Donna has recognized that her experience could be useful, and in some cases, critical to the non-technical members of communities who need to understand the concepts of emergency prevention,  safe drinking water, toxicity, indoor air quality and security.

Donna continues to provide consulting services to her industrial clients and has extended her services to assist schools, small businesses, community organizations and parents in their understanding of these issues. Donna now dedicates much of her time to speaking, writing, and publically communicating the urgent message regarding the overuse of chemicals. She has spoken for EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) conferences, The American Society of Safety Engineers, the National Association of Chemical Distributors, and the American Water Works foundation. Information, articles and ebooks can be found at her website www.chemconscious.com

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  1. LESLIE says:

    Great interview! Now I know a lot more about water.


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