Driving With Young Children

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FLenon Honoror those of you who have every driven anywhere with young children you know that it is quite an experience.  For those of you who have not traveled long distance which children here is a short list of what you can expect:

  • Frequent stops
  • Constant questions about E.T.A.
  • Fussing
  • Arguments
  • Crying
  • Hunger

Frequent Stops:  If you think driving with young children is time efficient then you will definitely have a shift in mentality once you actually drive with young children.  Frequent stops are the norm and include:  stops to comfort a fussing baby, stops for diaper changes, stops for bathroom breaks, stops to feed the children, stops to defuse sibling disputes.

Constant questions about Expected Time of Arrival:  This is one of the more common occurrences while driving with children.  After driving for about 10 to 15 minutes children will begin to ask questions like “When will get there?  How much longer?  Are we there yet?”  Given that most children have no sense of time it really doesn’t matter what answer you give them because they will ask you the same question 2 minutes later.

Fussing:  Fussing is a part of the parenting experience.  However when you are in close quarters with fussing children it can be a little bit overwhelming.  At home you can escape the fussing by going into another room or you can go outside.  In the car all you can do is keep on driving.

Arguments:  Much like fussing, arguments amongst children can be managed more easily at home.  In a car it is more difficult to manage arguments because you can’t really separate the children by telling one of them to go to their room or to go outside.  In the car all you can do is keep on driving.

Crying:  When our children cry we do our best to comfort them.  The younger the child the more comfort they receive.  At home this is easy to do but in the car it can be challenging because the crying child is likely sitting in the back of the vehicle and it is more difficult to actual comfort the child unless you pull the car over.

Hunger:  Be prepared for this issue to come up each time you drive.  Even if you feed your child before you leave your house you can expect your child to say “I’m hungry” at some point, especially during long drives.  This challenge is easy to solve, simply bring along some snacks.  Also, make sure the snacks are the type that won’t cause a mess.  If you give children messy snacks they will make a mess.  If you give children non-messy snacks they will still make a mess.

All of these issues seem to come at a heightened flurry during long car rides with children.  But I must say that these challenges are part of parenting and are a great test to see just how far we have grown as parents.  For instance my mother raised 6 children.  As a grandmother she can handle any of these issues easily.  But this has not always been the case.  Over time my mother has learned how to handle these issues with great ease.  As young parent we can learn how to do the same.

We should all embrace the challenges of parenting.  In this way we will find joy at all times, even during those long car rides.  So enjoy your children now and be prepared for some “interesting” car rides.

 Lenon Honor

“My name is Lenon Honor and I committed to birthing positive relationships, healthy families, and personal growth.”

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4 Responses to “Driving With Young Children”

  1. Hello says:

    Lenon, what are your views on disciplining children? Thanks.

    • Lenon Honor says:

      There is a difference between disciplining children and harming them physically. This is to say that my wife and I do not physically harm our children. When our children need discipline we talk to them intelligently so as to respect their sentience, human value, and spirituality.

  2. nashe says:

    nice read…good advice and i loved the examples too …I totally agree with this article …I live this ….I used to be Mary ….not fun !

    • Lenon Honor says:

      Blessings Nashe! Can you share with us what you did so that you were no longer Mary? I think it would help many other people who may be Mary right now.

      Thanks and blessings!

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