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Second Half

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Trauma Based Mind Control and Medical DoctorsDr. Alvin Mahoney a.k.a. Dr. Z is a medical doctor who is currently working in private practice as a Neuropsychiatrist and Naturopath focusing on techniques and strategies to obtain optimum health both mentally and physically. Dr. Z is writing a Book titled “Complicated World”. In this book Dr. Z shares his journey to becoming a master of the healing arts. Throughout his Journey Dr. Z has been faced with many challenges including a medical system that traumatizes, manipulates, and brainwashes medical students. As Dr. Z will explain, trauma-based mind control is the methodology through which medical doctors are made.

 In this series of radio interviews Dr. Z will share with us how he overcame the challenges he faced and how he has become a caring and compassionate medical doctor. Dr. Z will also share with us some of his personal experiences with the medical establishment’s use of trauma-based mind control and how doctors are set up for manipulation, mind control and ultimately brainwashing.
Dr. Z’s book “Complicated World” also addresses the 5 Elements of Healing and consciousness awakening. Dr. Z is currently involved in setting up a Multidisciplinary healing institute called Total Life Center.
Dr.Z can be reached via e-mail at TotalLifeCenterTLC@gmail.com
Education History:
Rosecrucian Metaphysics Institue 19977-1981
Astarian Metatphysics Training 1975-1989
Mentalphysics Institute 1977- 1989
Certified Detoxification Specialist/ Naturopathic Holistic Studies 1992- present
Howard University 1977-1981 Major: Zoology Minor: Chemistry Graduated Magna Cum Laude
Teacher of human genetics 1979-1981
Cancer Research 1979-1981
Howard University College of Medicine 1981-1985 Graduated top 10%
University of Southern California internship and residency in Neuropsychiatry 1985-1989
Worked as Associate Medical Director for ASAP program doing drug rehabilitation and therapyfor the National Basketball Association. 1989-1992
The first Chief of Staff at City of Angels medical center 1994-96
Medical Director of Hollywood Community Hospital 1992-95
Trauma Based Mind Control

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