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It is through the transformation of our thoughts, our actions, and our relationship to the cosmos that we experience personal growth, a growth that gives greater meaning to our existence here on earth.” – Lenon Honor

One of the fascinating aspects of personal growth is the mental, spiritual, emotional, and physical empowerment we experience once a new level of growth has been attained.  We are energized about our lives.  We are motivated to reach our goals.  We are compelled to ultimate success.  Our thoughts are more positive.  Our vision for the future is more optimistic.  Our emotional state is more balanced.  Our physical condition is energized.

When we commit to our own growth process we find that success and happiness is attracted to us on all levels of our human existence.  Therefore success and happiness is an internal state in the first place.  This internal state of success and happiness radiates out to the universe subsequently attracting to us the people, the relationships, the situations, the circumstances, and the opportunities that will continue to foster our growth process.  This internal state of success and happiness is made manifest through the positive transformation of our thoughts, our actions, and our relationship to the cosmos.  In other words, a commitment to personal growth is the gateway to success and happiness.

Of course, we have all experienced challenges while engaged in our process of personal growth.  Sometimes the process can be uncertain and difficult.  However, the uncertainties are in actuality confirmation that we have successfully ventured into new territories of growth.  The difficulties that we experience are in actuality the necessary tests that expand our ability to effectively handle adversity.  While this process can be uncomfortable we can be empowered in knowing that all forms of discomfort are symptomatic of the need for us to create a positive change in our lives.  In many cases this positive change is much closer than we may think.

“My name is Lenon Honor and I committed to birthing positive relationships, healthy families, and personal growth.”


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