Forgiveness: The Great Liberator

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One of the most important experiences that I have had over the last few years took place yesterday at my sister’s birthday party where I learned of the liberating affect that forgiveness yields.

I must be completely honest with you in saying that I have had my own personal struggles with forgiveness.  I consider myself to be an extremely loyal person.  In the past when others would cause me harm I would be affected for long periods of time.  This was not healthy for me and devolved the quality of my life.  It also hampered my ability to experience happiness.

As an example of this, my relationship with my father has been up and down for decades.  As a child I experienced a great deal of pain due to my father’s behavior.  Over the years my father and I have resolved a great deal of pain.  I even composed a music album titled “The Healing of You and Me” which was dedicated to our healing process.

Though I have healed from the pain of my childhood I must say that my frustrations with my father lingered into adulthood.  Over the last few years I was disappointed in my father because he had not attempted to have any significant interaction with my children.  I was hurt by this as was my wife.

My wife and I had gone through great lengths to include my father in our children’s lives.  Our efforts did not produce the desired results and our frustrations trapped us in an energy that was less than positive.  Thankfully my wife and I have transcended our frustrations and as a result we recently made a very empowering decision.

A few days ago my wife and I decided to attend my sister’s birthday party in San Diego, California.  The party was held at my father’s house.  My brother Royal was kind enough to loan me his S.U.V. for the trip.  No one knew that my wife, my children and I were coming to the party except for my brother.

Deciding to make the trip to my father’s house was monumental.  When my father saw my family he was so happy that he was moved to tears.  My children had a wonderful time.  My father and I laughed a lot.  Ayida enjoyed the company of my sisters.  We were able to socialize with relatives that we had not seen for years.  Most importantly my father was able to spend time with all of his grandchildren.  The party was awesome and I was so happy to be there.

Seeing my father interact with my children was the result of me forgiving my father.  This is the power of forgiveness.  Forgiveness moves us forward.  Forgiveness creates new possibilities.  Forgiveness unites and reunites families.  May we all be liberated by the power of forgiveness.


“My name is Lenon Honor and I committed to birthing positive relationships, healthy families, and personal growth.”

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2 Responses to “Forgiveness: The Great Liberator”

  1. Positive Thoughts says:

    You’re right–forgiveness is “liberating.” That’s the best word for it. I learned to forgive when I realized that my shunning or spurning others for what they did also had a deep impact on THEIR lives; often causing major damage to their self-esteem and self-worth. In coming to the realization that I had just as much power as they do (to affect someone psychologically), I knew that I did not want any part in inflicting such prolonged harm upon another; this was the turning point that made extending forgiveness to others a lot easier. Turning my power to hurt someone into power to heal them (by my apologizing to them for my part in hurting them via my spurning them and damaging them with words). That was enough to enable me to truly forgive and even extend my apologies–without expect apologies or better behavior from the other side for what they had done to me and others. Unconditional forgiveness. Sometimes changing others (or hoping they will change themselves) is a futile attempt. Not everyone will be able to mature or grow the way we want them to; but we can reclaim the power we had been giving them needlessly, turn it into something positive, and move on.

    • Lenon Honor says:

      Thank you Positive Thoughts. Forgiveness is something that I have struggled with for most of my life. But I am thankful that I am finally at a place in my life where I can forgive people and move forward. Life is much more enjoyable when we are moving forward.

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