Formula for Successful Relationships: The Wholeness Principle

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Many have asked, “What is the formula for a successful male-female relationship?”  I Lenon Honordo not believe that there is one single formula that can be applied to every relationship.  We are all different.   We all bring different ideas, perceptions, and expectations into any given relationship.  Therefore, relationships are a complex joining of different ideas, perceptions, and expectations. This being the case the more appropriate question would be, “What are the ingredients that foster a successful male-female relationship?”

In this series of articles I will be sharing some of the ingredients that have made my 10 year marriage to my wife an overwhelming success.  I hope that what I share here will inspire more positive male-female relationships.

The Wholeness Principle

Most of us are taught to see our significant other as being outside of us.  What I mean by this is that men are taught to perceive women as being outside of themselves.  Women are taught to perceive men as being outside of themselves.  This sets up a division between the species that becomes the foundation of male-female relationships. But I ask the questions, “What if a man was taught to see women as being half of himself?  What if a woman was taught to see men as being half of herself?  What would be the foundation of such a relationship?”

When a man sees a woman as being part of himself the foundation of his relationship to the woman will be wholistic.  When a woman sees a man as being part of herself the foundation of her relationship to the man will be wholistic.  This level of complete wholeness fosters positive male-female relationships and can be taught to young boys and girls as an honorable principle.  This wholeness principle inspires a high level of care, dedication, support, and understanding within male-female relationships.  This wholeness principle makes it virtually impossible for a man to purposefully harm a woman in that in harming a woman he harms himself.  This wholeness principle makes it virtually impossible for a woman to purposefully harm a man in that in harming a man she harms herself.

This wholeness principle inspires in men and in women the need to care for, to honor, and to love their mate; in doing so they care for, honor, and love themselves.  Conversely, when a man perceives a woman to be outside of himself and a woman perceives a man to be outside of herself there is a division that occurs within the context of how the man and the woman relate to each other.

When we see each other as being outside of ourselves we are divided.  When we see each other as being part of each other we are whole.  Is the purpose of male-female relationships to be divided?  Or is the purpose of male-female relationships to be whole?

If you wish to establish a healthy male-female relationship or if you wish to reinforce a healthy male-female relationship I would encourage you to include the principle of wholeness as a necessary ingredient in your male-female relationship formula.

May you continue to foster goodness in your relationship so that your relationship will continue to foster goodness in you.

Lenon Honor

“My name is Lenon Honor and I committed to birthing positive relationships, healthy families, and personal growth.”

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