Happiness as an Internal Condition

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Happiness is an internal condition in the first place which can manifest in the external.  Therefore, for one to find happiness one must realize happiness within. The question becomes: How does one realize happiness within?  The answer is simple: Realize why you are here on the planet and what you need to do while here. Once this has been realized simply do that which you are here to do and you will know internal happiness.

For many, the general belief is that happiness is an external condition that is largely associated with material abundance.  However, there are those who have material abundance but are not happy.  Conversely, there are those who lack material abundance but have internal happiness.  Therefore happiness must be realized internally in the first place.

Without internal happiness one will find material abundance to be valueless.  With internal happiness one will find material abundance to be a powerful means of personal growth and creative expression.  As stated before, happiness is an internal condition in the first place.

The Fundamental Question

For one to find happiness in their life one must first realize happiness within.  If one wishes to realize happiness within they must ask the fundamental question “How do I realize happiness within?”

For some the general belief is that in order to realize happiness one must seek some external means of validation.  In other words one’s happiness must be defined and validated by some external means.


External validation through the expectations of others

It has become common for individuals to define happiness based upon someone else’s opinion about what happiness is.  When one accepts someone else’s opinion they will find that an external expectation is established.  In such a case happiness becomes something that is pursued as an external projection in hopes of fulfilling someone else’s expectation.  This can be very problematic in that someone else’s expectation can distract you from doing that which you are on the planet to do.

When one knows what they are here to do, the expectations of others are no longer relevant; unless those expectations are in line with your purpose for being here.  How do you know if someone else’s expectation is in line with your purpose for being here?  You will know if someone else’s expectations are in line with your purpose when those expectations function as inspiration on your path towards internal happiness.


External validation through one’s material reality

Another form of external validation comes from one’s material reality.  This is to say that many define happiness based upon what they have in their material space.  This can include the types of clothes they wear, their living conditions, how expensive their car is, etc.  All of these things can function as inaccurate projections of internal happiness.  However, if we look closely we will find that these external projections are based upon the opinions and expectations of others; opinions and expectations that have been internalized as being relevant.  In other words, these external displays are only given power when someone else notices or recognizes these things as being indicators of internal happiness.


External validation through social norms

Social norms can also be the measure through which an individual may validate their own sense of happiness.  I have noticed time and time again, that social norms (social pressure) can often misguide one’s path wherein the individual accepts what has become normalized in society irrespective of the fact that such social norms are in defiance of their purpose for being here on the planet.  In adhering to particular social norms an individual may have a difficult time realizing happiness.  In some cases, an individual may associate happiness with social compliance even though such compliance has caused them pain and suffering.



External validation through the opinions of others, through ones material reality, or through compliance with social norms can never bring forth internal happiness.  I will propose that in order to realize internal happiness one must first realize why they are here on the planet and what they need to do while here.  In knowing ones purpose for being here one will have clarity as to the direction of their life.  To have a clear direction in your life’s path is one of the main tributaries to internal happiness.

The challenge, therefore, is for each and every one of us to realize why we are here and what we need to do while here.  One of the primary ways that you will know that you are doing what you need to do on earth is that you will experience internal happiness while doing what you need to do on earth.


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3 Responses to “Happiness as an Internal Condition”

  1. Janice Zeno says:

    I believe true happiness comes from within. Knowing your heart and knowing your mind. All other things is just a illusion. The most importance of life is the love and care for one another, which would also bring treasure of happiness of one’s heart. Thank you so much for your words of wisdom.

  2. srinath says:

    I am an electronics/software engineer . I used to somehow feel incompleteness with all the materialism, however nowadays after understanding my purpose in life meaning I have come here on earth planet to contribute software for products to evolve a sort of internal happiness took birth . This is an amazing experience and bliss which is round the clock and which I was longing for . All material pleasures has a defined pattern, It comes ..increases and then fades away ..and again we look for more and more….which is never ending intoxication. The internal happiness is worth practicing with the purpose of life and keep adding value in that domain and we become the sun and our work is the sunshine.

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