How To Shave With Lenon Honor Part 2

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10 Responses to “How To Shave With Lenon Honor Part 2”

  1. Marc says:

    One week ago I was looking for a more natural shaving cream and I found the kiss my face product and in my experience it is much better than traditional foam, much smoother on the skin, less harsh and less chemicals. I would recommend the product at least for a try, might not be for everyone out there though.

    • Lenon Honor says:

      Thanks Marc. You bring up a very important point. Many of the popular brands of shaving cream have a lot of toxic chemicals in them. I think this is an important issue for males to think about. Thank you for bringing this up. Peace.

  2. Steve says:

    Hey Lenon,

    Another great series!

    I’m 25 and only for the past 3 years has my face really developed into what you might call a shaving face, (which I actually have a good amount of hair that is growing on my face). I like shaving against the grain, I feel like it leaves my face smoother and gives me an extended time between shaves. I don’t have sensitive skin and i can shave against the grain without getting any bumps or cuts. Now do you think shaving against the grain is bad just for people with a certain type of hair and/or skin sensitivity or is it just bad as a whole?


    • Lenon Honor says:

      Greetings Steve,

      It depends on your skin type, hair texture, a shaving schedule. Also it depends on your skill level. If you have shaved for many years you are probably at a point where your shaving skill are great and you can shave against the grain without hurting yourself. But for young males who are just starting to learn how to shave I do not recommend going against the grain until they have more experience shaving. I talk more about this in Part 6.

      For some men their skin type and hair texture will not allow for a comfortable shave while cutting against the grain. For others its not an issue for concern. Also, other factors include the quality of your equipment: which is VERY important. Always go for quality products.

      If you have any other questions feel free to ask. Peace to you.

  3. Steve says:

    Just finished watching part 6. Thank you so much for the advice and guidance. As many that watched this series, we grew up teaching ourselves the basics of growing up during our male teen years and just wanted to thank you again for what some might view as just another vanity type process.

  4. Kareem says:

    I started out using shaving gel, but used too much and didn’t get an easy shave. Then I started using soap, and it worked fine for me.

    I don’t recommend using soap though, as I’m not an expert and just heard about using it from a friend.

    Anyways, thank you for this informative video series.

    Peace & Positivity.

    • Lenon Honor says:

      I’ve used gel before but that was years ago. The gel was blue and was by Gillett. It had too much perfume in it though.

  5. Andrew Malone says:

    All of the comments and tutorial as well says know the grain… but the way my hair grows on my face is curly and fine. Do I learn the grain when my facial hair is short or long? When it gets longer it curls and it is hard to determine the grain… Also, when it is shorter or trimmed down the hair seems to grow straight out, not up or down.

    • Lenon Honor says:

      Blessings Andrew.

      Grain refers to the direction that your hair grows in. There are places on my face where my hair grows straight up but once it reaches a certain length it starts to move in a particular direction.

      When we talk about about hair being curly or straight, we are referring to the texture of the hair not necessarily the grain. The thing is that texture is also another issue to consider when shaving. Also, skin type, equipment used, etc.

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