If You Question All Things Then You Will Find Your Own Truth

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We live in an age where information is instantly accessible to just about anyone on planet earth.  We live in an age where just about anyone can disseminate information instantaneously over the internet.  In fact, this is what I am doing right now with this article.  I have the ability to write these words, or produce a video, or produce music that I can deliver all over the world instantaneously.  In this sense the internet can be a powerful means of communication.

But I must ask the following questions:

Is it wise to accept any and all information as being relevant to you?

Is it wise to accept any and all information as being truth?

These questions are important in that most of the information that we are exposed to has little to no relevance to our lives.  And yet, we are led to believe that such information is relevant to us, that we must consider such information, that such information it worthy of our time, our focus, and in some cases our spiritual energy.

Here are 3 examples of what I mean:

News Stories – When you watch or read the news you will find that the nature of the stories reported on is extremely negative.  Stories about murder, destruction, tragedy, and other forms of deviance are reported on as being relevant to your life.  But are any of these things really relevant to you?  Do you question these news stories?  Do you seek to find truth in the midst of all of the negativity?

Religious Institutions – Religious institutions, which are created and run by men, function on the basis that such men are the authority as to religious text and that the believer should not question the authority of such men, even if such men did not author the book that they claim to be authorities of.

In essence the leaders of religious institutions interpret religious text and tell the believer what to believe, how to live, and what needs to be done for ultimate salvation.  This has nothing to do with spirituality or personal empowerment.  This has to do with domination and control via subjugation.

Are the scriptural interpretations of such men relevant to you?  Do you question the validity of their interpretations?  Do you seek to find truth in the midst of all of the fear-based subjugation?

Male-Female Relationships – I cannot tell you just how unreasonable it is when someone that has never been in a positive male-female relationship gives advice to someone else about male-female relationships.  Let me make it plain:  A loser cannot teach you how to win.  A loser can only speculate about how to win based upon their own failure.

Of course those that consistently fail will often state, “Sometimes failure is the best teacher.”  Such logic assumes that the individual has actually learned from their failures and has used what they have learned to establish a positive male-female relationship.  In most cases, such individuals have not learned anything from their failure which is why they continue to experience negative male-female relationships.  In essence they are merely running a program for male-female relationship failure; and offer their “expertise” to those who are seeking male-female success.

Many are led to believe that somehow accepting the advice of individuals who consistently fail at male-female relationships will somehow help to facilitate successful male-female relationships.  In my experience, people who perpetually fail in male-female relationships can only teach you what not to do in a negative male-female relationship.  They cannot teach you what to do in a positive male-female relationship.

If you are seeking to experience success in male-female relationships is it wise to focus on someone else’s failure or someone else’s success?  Do you question the validity of the advice given by those that have not succeeded?  Do you seek the advice given by those that have succeeded?

And of course, whatever advice you seek, whatever spiritual journey that you may be on, whatever information that you are exposed to, always ask the question “Is this empowering to me?”  When you question all things then you will find your own truth.  Your own truth will always be relevant to you.  Your own truth will always be empowering to you.  Your own truth is your guide to ultimate success and happiness.


“My name is Lenon Honor and I committed to birthing positive relationships, healthy families, and personal growth.”

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  1. mw says:

    What is your take on the idea of women being submissive to husbands?
    Is that something that most men want? I am a very supportive and considerate women. However, I have no intentions of handing over myself to another person. What is your take on that?
    I hear women say this as if it is something to look forward to in a marriage. For some reason, I can’t help but be opposed to it even if the submission is to a man who wants to take care of me. It is important to compromise and to be considerate, but what does that have to do with submission? Is it wrong for me to want someone to serve me and his children all while being completly equal in the planning and decison making? To me submission has more to do with the male ego and Am I crazy for questioning this?

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