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Vegan Recipes India Camiel grew up in Inner City Los Angeles.  Her diet consisted of highly processed fast foods, fried foods, breads and donuts.  It wasn’t until her sophmore year in college that she saw a real coconut in the grocery store. India was simply unaware of what it meant to eat “healthy.” One morning she awoke with astonishing pain in her lower abdominal area. After eight hours of sitting in the ER, the doctor informed her that she had a cyst on her left ovary. The cyst was the size of a grapefruit. The doctor told her that she had no choice but surgery.

After the surgery, the multitude of toxins in her body caused severe symptoms, such as migraines and depression. Years of mistreating her body had taken its toll. Plagued with various GI diseases, weight gain and hormonal imbalances, she began to research how natural foods could help.  This led India to question what she was eating.  Seeking real solutions to a lifetime of dis-eases, she turned to a vegan lifestyle. She was surprised by the almost-immediate results and decided to give going ALL LIVE a try – a decision that proved to change the course of her life permanently.

It’s been 3+ years since India transitioned into ALL LIVE. And she is now enjoying every second of her new existence. She has been blessed to have traveled the globe sharing her story and showing others how to prepare living foods.

India’s Website:  www.back2livefoods.com

Facebook:  India Camiel

Sunday, November 4th:  Re-Fresh 1-Day Urban Retreat

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