Ken Burrows Radio Interview July 11th, 2012

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In 1982 Ken Burrows moved to Alaska and worked for a framing company. Soon after he began working as a tile setter.  After 9 months he bought the tiling company for 25,000.00.

During that time Ken went into the police academy and was one of 15 picked out of over 900 applicants. In 1992 Ken relocated to Utah where he started a Granite and Marble business. He sold that business along with Artisan Water jet in 2006. During that time Ken owned a granite Company and invented a tool that chisels granite edges called the Rockbiter.  Ken owns a design patent, utility patent, and trademark for the Rockbiter. Ken semi-retired at age 45.

About a year and a half ago Ken received a random email. In that email there was a picture of a dome that someone built. From that email Ken was inspired to move in a completely new direction in his life establishing Dachnik Domes and Aquaponics.

Dachnik Geodesic Domes and Aquaponics is a startup company established by Ken Burrows of Salt Lake City, Utah. Over the last 15 months Ken has been researching and building Dome and Aquaponics prototypes. These domes are a new evolution for backyard garden domes. They will be the most simple to set-up, durable, and least expensive domes on the market.

Ultimately Dachnik Domes will be available in a variety of sizes and aquaponics systems. Ken’s goal is to utilize as much green technology as possible to produce the most efficient food producing units possible. Using Ken’s units, people will be able to grow food year-round using no fertilizer or pesticides. Also, aquaponics use at least 90% less water than conventional gardening, since the water is recirculated in the system.

Products will include:

• Aquaponics Base With Green House Domes    • Research Domes    • Green House Domes

• Solar Electric Systems    • Solar Radiant Heating Systems    • Aquaponics Supplies

• Geo Thermal Cooling Systems    • Event Domes    • Emergency Shelter Domes    • Camping Domes

Ken’s Website:      Youtube:

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  1. Sally Munden says:

    Oh I hope I can get one of these one day!

  2. Abijah Roberts says:

    Thanks for the interview guys, great job!
    I was really smitten with domes about a year ago, so inspired that I did dozens of hours of research, built a frame for a dome and then a 12ft greenhouse dome made from cane/bamboo. When you consider all the benefits of circular ARChitecture plus the implication that all things in nature that’re circular are sacred it’s easy to see that domes will become ever more popular in housing and agriculture. Check out Earthbag domes as well, as a cheap, natural building technique as well 🙂

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