Lecture Series for Men #1

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In this first lecture Lenon Honor speaks about the importance of honorable men in the context of male-female relationships, the need for healing between fathers and sons, and strategies for personal growth and empowerment.

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One Response to “Lecture Series for Men #1”

  1. Gerson Lopes says:

    Media also does an impeccable job at making us believe that aging somehow equals bitterness, unhappiness and ugliness and that somehow growing up is a process that should be slowed down and that adulthood is something that should be postponed for as long as possible…Right now I’m thinking about the whole Peter Pan doctrine and how that has influenced generations and still is being represented to us…I’m starting to realize a so much and I can’t thank you enough, Lenon…I have to admit…I’m experiencing firsthand that it’s no easy to come into manhood and that it’s a active process and that I have to make conscious decisions…Just knowing or understanding certain concepts is not enough…I have to practice and incorporate certain values into my life and just flat out distance myself from certain thought patterns…Funny thing is I thought I already was a man…Oh, how I have been manipulated…

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