Lenon Honor’s Top 10 Television Shows Part 2

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So I have shared with you the first 7 television shows that make up my list of my top 10 televisions shows.  Here’s a quick review:

#10 Babylon 5

#9 Matlock

#8  Star Trek the Next Generation

#7 The Cosby Show

#6 Star Trek The Original

#5 The Prisoner

#4 Alfred Hitcock

Are you ready for my top 3?

3. Star Trek Deep Space 9  (1993-1999)

Deep Space 9 is my favorite Star Trek television series of all time.  Captain Sisko’s relationship to his son was inspirational.  And Sisko’s spiritual growth was a welcome change from the stereotypical portrayals of African-American characters in Star Trek.

Avery Brooks, who plays the role of Captain Sisko, is a world class actor and is an extremely talented individual.  His acting ability carries the show for the first 2 seasons.

One of the things that is unique about Star Trek Deep Space 9 is that all of the main characters undergo personal development as the series progresses.  Captain Sisco begins the series as an angry black man stuck on a ragtag space station.  But over time his character transforms into the spiritual emissary of the Bajoran people and a hero to Star Fleet command.  The Ferengi Quark starts off the show as a greedy sexist capitalist but later turns into a not so greedy sexist capitalist.  Dr. Bashir starts off as a male whore archetype but transforms into a sci fi 007 agent; come to think of it 007 was also a male whore so that’s a bad analogy on my part.  Lieutenant Commander Kira evolves from a hot headed pseudo-terrorist to a well balanced pseudo-spiritualist.  The list goes on and on.

I should also mention that the storyline in Deep Space 9 is the most intriguing of all of the Star Trek television series.  It is through character development, and the introduction of new species from the Alpha Quadrant, that Star Trek Deep Space 9 ascends into the realm of The Great Sci Fi Epic!

Did I mention that I once had lunch with Avery Brooks?

My two favorite episodes:  Far Beyond the Stars  and In the Pale Moon Light


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5 Responses to “Lenon Honor’s Top 10 Television Shows Part 2”

  1. hello says:

    How about The Twilight Zone? I also liked Fresh Prince because the father was a judge and the mother was a stay-at-home mom which was revolutionary and these characters are similar to the strives made with the Cosby show. It also did not pretend that this was the reality for all or even most African Americans and also showed the struggles of the poor working-class as well. And Star Trek Voyager. I thought the characters were not only more culturally diverse, but more interesting; more human. Voyager was my first introduction to Star Trek (after the original, or course), so I think that is why I could not get into the characters of Next Generation–the very reserved style of acting of the mostly racially homogeneous cast made the series difficult for me to follow. They seemed two-dimensional in comparison. Shatner and Mulgrew may have overacted at times, but I think their overacting is what made them more interesting as characters. It’s interesting to note that a French Canadian actress was originally cast to play Captain Janeway. Her acting style was more like Patrick Stewart’s acting style.

    • Lenon Honor says:

      Yes the French Canadian actress is said to have quit after the producers told her that she would have to wear body padding during the show. This paved the way for Kate Mulgrew to play the role of Captain Janeway.

  2. Jay-Mosez says:

    Word Twllight Zone was 1 of the deepest–and the orginal V–i havent seen the new one–Just cause simalar things go on today–Ray Bradbury—was okay 2–cant think of anymore right now–but theres more

  3. Lenon Honor says:

    The original V was a great series especially for that time period. It also scared me as a child.

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