I am often compelled to consider the proposition that on planet Earth there seems to be a propensity for people to exert hatred towards others without any legitimate reason whatsoever.  I often wonder whether or not people realize the enormous amount of energy that is consumed while exerting such hatred.

* It takes more energy to say “I hate you” than it does to say “I love you”.

* It takes more energy to physically assault someone than it does to give someone a hug.

* It takes more energy to criticize someone than it does to comfort someone.

In truth, the expression of hatred consumes a great deal of energy and the subsequent damage incurred upon the individual that expresses hatred, and upon the individual who receives such hatred, can be debilitating.  The question that I raise here is:  Where does the need to illegitimately express hatred come from?  I would like for you to consider the possibility that hatred towards others is largely expressed by those who do not love themselves.


A Lack of Self-Love

Many who express high levels of hatred towards others do so because they do not love themselves.  Therefore, loving others becomes a perceived impossibility.  In the absence of self-love, hatred becomes the only perceived possibility of self-expression.   This leads us to the following quote:  Those who do not have something to love will find something to hate.


Find something to love and you will know thyself.

If one knows oneself then they will know love.  How so?  Because love is an aspect of self.  When one knows the essence of what they are they will realize that they are love.  When a person realizes that they are love they will no longer have a need to be confrontational, cynical, or spiteful towards others.  When a person has self-love then there is no need to express hatred towards others.  Rather, there is an overwhelming need to share love with others so that others may realize that love is within them.  Herein resides the profound truth that each of us has the power to realize in others their true nature; a nature that is love itself.

When this realization is manifested a new truth is revealed:


It is not that you need love.  It is that love needs you.


Lenon Honor

Copyright (c) 2012 Lenon Honor

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2 Responses to “Love Needs You”

  1. Corie says:

    I have read many of your articles today and although I have liked them, this one touched my heart. I am in a place of extreme hurt right now but through the hurt I am still trying to love so that I do not become jaded. Everyday I do see love a little more than the day before and I know that I am in a place of transition and healing. Thank you and please continue with your great articles.

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