The Male Vs. Female War Imprint Program

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Relationships are about the realization that one thing is integrally connected to another; that one human being is integrally connected to another.  And yet, when we take a critical look at the dominant social structure present on planet earth we find a massive disconnect between human beings in general and men and women in particular.

This level of disconnect is not the result of a natural process.  This level of disconnect is the result of media propaganda, established social norms, and cross-generational mind control programming.  In this brief article we will take a critical look at how media is used to propagandize particular ideas so as to establish malleable social norms, and how such norms are passed on from one generation to the next.

Media Propaganda

As I state in my article “Media Mind Control: A Brief Introduction”, media mind control is a precise science; a science that is intent-specific and ominously efficient.  The degree of efficiency is emboldened by the advanced techniques employed by media to mind control the general population.  There are advanced techniques and basic techniques.  There are techniques that are used sparingly and techniques that are used frequently.  There are 3 techniques that are most used by media, each of which is integrally connected to the others.

1. Repetition 

Repetition is a basic technique but is also the most frequently used.  Reptition as a technique of mind control can be found in many areas of life including politics wherein extensive amounts of attention given to a particular politician ultimately establishes that politician as the desirable candidate.  Essentially, repetition can establishes a politician as real, relevant, and or popular.

Media Manipulation Repetition

It must also be understood that this technique of repetition is not specific to politics and reaches into every aspect of life.  As an example we can look at programming concerning male-female relationships and see how there are specific ideas that are repeated over and over again in a particular media outlet so as to impact the viewer’s perception of male-female relationships.

One of the main programs that media issues, in terms of male-female relationships, is what I call “The Male vs. Female War Imprint Program”.  This program essentially propagandizes the notion that men and women must be in competition with each other in all areas of human existence.  This competition can be found in the way in which men and women relate to each other in regards to money, power, sex, career, child rearing, etc.

men vs women

The Male vs. Female War Imprint Program is repeated over and over again each day through various media streams including the television, movies, the internet, print media, music, etc.  These levels of War Imprint Programming are designed to impact the subconscious mind of the viewer or listener.  Obvious examples of the Male vs. Female War Imprint Program can be found in soap operas, television shows such as Sex in the city, Married with children, Desperate housewives, Lost, etc.  Virtually all major television shows repeat the general theme of competition between males and females.  The more this program is repeated the greater the impact on the viewer’s perception of male-female relationships.  In essence, such programing minimizes the potentiality of the realization of positive relationships between men and women.


The-Young-the-Restlesssex in the cityRetro_desperate_housewives


2. Media Saturation

Media saturation can be considered to be a form of repetition. However, media saturation can reach beyond any particular media outlet.  In other words, media saturation is where a particular story or idea is issued across many media outlets simultaneously.

An example of media saturation would be September, 11th, 2001 wherein media saturated the news networks with an “official” story without any evidence or proof as to the validity of the “official” story. In that all of the major news networks were reporting on the same story, it appeared as if the official story was true. In essence a global audience was led to accept a fabricated “official” story via the common mind control technique called media saturation.

nbc 911abc 911

Recently media saturation was employed in regards to the so called “Batman Movie Theatre Massacre”

(Circa. July 21st, 2012).

  batman james holmes

Often times media saturation is used to program people’s perception of male-female relationships.  You will often find that whenever there is a high profile conflict between a male celebrity and a female celebrity, media will saturate the news with that story.  In that massive amounts of people tune into the story, the story itself functions to shape people’s perception of male-female relationships.  Again, the impact of such programing is emboldened when such programing is saturated across various media outlets.

tom cruise its overclintonchris-brown


3. Subliminal Association

Subliminal association is a technique that has a major effect on the viewer’s perception of any given issue.  This technique is employed so that the viewer will make a subconscious association between two stories or events that have absolutely nothing to do with each other.  An example of this would be the subliminal association that is often made between terrorism, Muslims, bombs, explosions, Osama Bin Laden, plane crashes, plane problems, 911, New York City, etc.


One of the ways that these associations are made is by the placement of particular sub-headlines in relationship to the main headline present in various forms of print media and internet-based articles.  If there is a story that is being reported on about Al Qaeda you will often see sub-headlines organized on the same page that give reference to terrorism, Muslims, bombs, explosions, Osama Bin Laden, plane crashes, plane problems, 911, New York City, etc.  In that the subconscious mind picks up everything that is presented on the page, a subliminal association is made between all of the sub-headlines and the main headline even if the sub-headlines have absolutely nothing to do with the main headline.

As is described in my video series “How to Decode Media Manipulation 101” there are also advanced techniques employed by media which include:  Tonal/Frequency Application, Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Trigger Words, Sensory Overload, Subconscious confusion, etc.  Given the vast array of manipulative techniques that are at the disposal of media propagandist it becomes clearly evident how media has been able to establish and maintain a long standing influence on the perceptions of massive amounts of people around the world.  One of the major issues of influence happens to be the manner in which men perceive women and women perceive men.

Established social norms

The dominant social norm, as it relates to men and women, is that men are to be perceived as the aggressor, and that they must, in order to be a man, function as a predator in regards to women.  In other words, men are to take a predatory mindset towards women wherein sexual domination of women, which is often expressed as sexual promiscuity in men, is perceived to be the “manly” thing to do.  This has not always been normalized in society; it is the result of repetition and media saturation in the form of sexualized media artifacts; the worst of which is hard core porn.


If one were to type the word “sex” into google one will find countless images and countless videos where men are expressing various levels of sexual domination over women; and in many cases engaged in sex acts that are abusive to women.  The Sexual Predator Mentality has not always been the norm; nor has it always been perceived as being central to the notion of manhood and masculinity.

Traditionally speaking manhood has functioned as an institution wherein the protection of women was essential; a protection that is not present while women are being sexually abused, sodomized, and disrespected within porn.  Of course, part of the normalization of such abuse, and the normalization of the abandonment of the notion of men as the protectors of women, has occurred through a restructuring of social norms largely established via media manipulation; repetition, media saturation, and subliminal association a means to that end.

Cross-generational mind control programming

One of the important dynamics to recognize is that once a new social norm is established, regardless of how dysfunctional it may be, it is often passed on from one generation to the next.  In some cases a father can pass down misogynistic ideology to his son; an ideology that he himself may have learned from his father.  Once the mind control programming is accepted by enough males, it will inevitably become a new dysfunctional social norm.  This new social norm will then indoctrinate other males into accepting misogynistic ideology.  In some cases a father who does not abide to such an ideology may seek to raise his sons to do the same.  However, if the social norm has a strong influence on the son then it is quite possible that the son will adopt misogynistic ideology despite his father’s best efforts to raise him into an honorable man.  The son may them pass such programming onto the next generation.  This cross-generational mind control programming is also applied to women’s views about men and perpetuates a callous division between the species.

The feminist movement and the male vs. female war imprint program

feminist movementIt must also be stated that the feminist movement in the United States of America has done much to perpetuate the male vs. female war imprint program.  In essence, the feminist movement, while promoting gender equality, actually perpetuated a social program designed to destabilize the family unit via the indoctrination of women into lesbianism, and into the belief that somehow behaving like, looking like, and embracing the role of the very men that oppressed them, was somehow empowering; that by assuming the identity of misogynistic men, women would somehow find liberation from the very men that oppressed them.  As time has proven, this assumption was not only erroneous but has had a profoundly damaging impact on male-female relationships.

Understand that the issue here is not lesbianism per say or homosexuality for that matter.  The issue is the degree to which media propagandized a deceptive movement that ultimately contributed to the degradation of the amicability of male-female relationships for countless women, and in the process weakened the family unit; the repercussions of which have been felt cross generationally.

The Division of the Whole

The dominant social structure present on planet earth is one that is based upon a division between men and women wherein men see themselves as existing outside of their female compliment; superior, separate, and distant.  Men, subject to this divisional construct, who historically and naturally functioned as the protectors of women, were indoctrinated into relinquishing such a noble cause, accepting the menacing mentality of the sexual predator.  Consequently, women who should have been naturally protected by such men were now the focus of predation by such men.


Within this divisional construct women will inevitably see themselves as existing outside of their male compliment; separate, and distant.   In the absence of protection, which is the highest expression of respect that a man can offer to a woman, a great deal of distrust, tension, animosity, and in some cases hatred towards men has materialized as was the case during particular periods of the so called “feminist” movement which was part of a greater agenda that sought to destabilize the family unit via an extensive propaganda campaign wherein women were mind controlled into believing that somehow they were empowered by taking on the identity of the very men who oppressed them in the first place.  When a person takes on the identity of their oppressor they are not free or liberated.  They simply become their own oppressor.

lesbian feminism

Consequently, the levels of division between men and women have grown over time.  Whether it be through the pornographic depictions of women in the so called “adult” film industry, television shows such as Sex in the city, Married with children, and All in the family, magazines such as Playboy, Vibe, Cosmopolitan, movies such as The Color Purple, Mr. and Mrs. Smith, and Think Like a Man, talk shows such as Oprah, Jerry Springer, and Dr. Phil, music genres such as Gangster Rap, Country Western, and Blues, the same general theme is applied: Men vs. Women.

The great paradox resides in the fact that such divisions are perpetuated irrespective of the truth that all life on earth manifests in human form through the coming together, in wholeness, of the masculine and feminine energies; the man as the human representation of masculine energy, the woman as the human representation of feminine energy.  This being the case it is vitally important that both men and women transcend such divisional programing and recognize that they are both part of the same whole.  This is what I call The Wholeness Principle.

Sun and moon

The Wholeness Principle

As I stated before, most men are taught to perceive women as being outside of themselves.  Women are taught to perceive men as being outside of themselves.  This sets up a division between the species that becomes the foundation of male-female relationships.  But I ask the questions, “What if a man was taught to see women as being half of himself?  What if a woman was taught to see men as being half of herself?  What would be the foundation of such a relationship?”

When a man sees a woman as being part of himself the foundation of his relationship to the woman will be holistic.  When a woman sees a man as being part of herself the foundation of her relationship to the man will be holistic.  This level of complete wholeness fosters positive male-female relationships and can be taught to young boys and girls as an honorable principle.  This wholeness principle inspires a high level of care, dedication, support, and understanding within male-female relationships.  This wholeness principle makes it virtually impossible for a man to purposefully harm a woman in that in harming a woman he harms himself.  This wholeness principle makes it virtually impossible for a woman to purposefully harm a man in that in harming a man she harms herself.

This wholeness principle inspires in men and in women the need to care for, to honor, and to love their mate; in so doing they care for, honor, and love themselves.  Conversely, when a man perceives a woman to be outside of himself and a woman perceives a man to be outside of herself there is a division that occurs within the context of how the man and the woman relate to each other.  This becomes the foundation of The Male vs. Female War Imprint Program.

Lenon and Ayida Honor

The Importance Of Positive Male Female Relationships

It is important to understand that male-female relationships are vital to the perpetuation of the human species.  This being the case, male-female relationships are accompanied with a high level of responsibility; a responsibility that necessitates an unyielding commitment to personal refinement, collective growth, mutual respect, and unified vision as to the positive progression of the relationship itself.  In providing these vital necessities, our relationships and families can thrive.  Consequently, the children that manifest out of such relationships will be blessed to experience love, affection, nurturance, guidance, and a working model for positive male-female relationships.

Personal Refinement

Personal refinement is an internal process wherein an individual seeks to improve upon themselves in all areas of life.  This includes how they think, how they speak, and how they behave.  It is with this level of self-improvement that an individual will develop those aspects of their character that can adequately contribute to a positive male-female relationship.

Collective Growth

Once an individual has entered into a male-female relationship the objective is not to simply maintain the relationship.  The objective should be to improve upon the relationship.  These improvements should be actualized collectively.  In other words, the growth that one experiences in a relationship should be experienced by both parties.  In essence, as the relationship grows, the man and the woman grow together.

Mutual Respect

One of the major obstructions to positive relationships and healthy families is the lack of mutual respect between men and women.  As I illustrated earlier, the levels of disrespect are debilitating and the programming to actualize these levels of disrespect are extensive.  When men and women do not respect each other a volatile environment will be fostered wherein arguing, bickering, fighting, and abuse becomes normalized.  This normalization is part of what I call The Male vs. Female War Imprint Program.

With mutual respect a man and a woman will be careful not to think, say, or do anything to purposefully harm each other or their relationship.  The ability to have this level of conscious intent is largely derived from the process of personal refinement and is nurtured through collective growth.

Unified Vision

One of the most important aspects of establishing and growing a positive relationship is to ensure that you and your mate have a unified vision as to the direction of the relationship and the primary goals of that relationship.  Primary goals can be to give birth to children, to make a particular contribution to society, or even to manifest material abundance within the relationship itself.  Whatever the goals may be it is important that you and your mate are clear as to how and when those goals will materialize.  With a unified vision you and your mate will be able to work together to manifest what it is that you both desire.  Ultimately these manifestations will bring happiness and joy to you and to your mate which will make the quality of your relationship that much more positive.


To conclude this article I would like to share with you an analogy that was told to me by my music teacher in college.  At the time he was having marital problems and was in the process of a painful divorce.  My teacher and I were walking to his office while talking about his marriage.  Then my teacher stopped and looked over towards two bushes that were planted just outside of the office building.  He then said to me “That is how it should be Lenon.  When you finally decide to settle down with a wife make sure you are both growing together and that you have the same goals.”

At the time I did not understand what my teacher meant.  But later on in life I figured it out:

There are two bushes.  One of the bushes is on the left, the other on the right.  The bushes appear to be separate of each other and seem to be growing separately.  But if you look closely you will find that these two bushes are not separate at all.  They are both connected to the same root!  In essence, these two bushes are in actuality one bush!

This is the wholeness principle at its core.  In the context of male-female relationships, all growth must be seen as part of a single root that connects the man to the woman and the woman to the man.  If my wife is blooming in one area of her life then so am I.  We are both connected to the same root.  If I am blooming in one area of my life then so is my wife.  We are both connected to the same root.  This is the essence of positive male-female relationships.  We are not outside of each other.  We are not at odds with each other.  We are not in competition with each other.  We are not at war with each other.  We are one!


Regardless of the various degrees of programming present in media, regardless of the scientific techniques employed by media to manipulate the psychological condition of the human species, you still have the power to transcend such programing.  In truth, you have the power to experience a positive male-female relationship.  The power is within you.


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    This was an excellent article lennon…and it seems this media manipulation is going on with this 50 shades of Grey book .that deals with sadomasism and bondage…..what do you think of that…thanks for the information..and i will attend your positive relationships with you and your wife…

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    i agree with the The feminist movement thing i tell women that all the time but they say they don’t care and is women becoming more selfish? i think they are and i am only 15 years old boy


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