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1. Media Manipulation: A Brief Introduction

Media Mind Control is a precise science.  What we find on planet Earth is a network of interwoven mind control distribution nodes.  It is a grid that reaches into all lands and affects all people regardless of location, perceived race, skin color, cultural orientation, sexual preference, political ideology, religious belief, economic status, etc.  As it relates to the psycho-physical subjugation of masses of people on planet Earth, there is not one vehicle of influence that can remotely compare to that of the media mind control global apparatus.


2. The Death of Osama Bin Laden Re-Installation Program – The 911 Tracker Page



Bin Laden’s Wives    Hillary Clinton    10 Most Wanted List     North Korea 1    Bomb Scare   Spring Offensive

Caves / No Caves    Al Qaida is Back     Al Qaida Cyber Terror     Terror Threat     Congress and Cyber Terror

Breivik/Al Qaida     Gaddafi 1     Al Qaida in Yemen     911 Reference    Old NY Pictures     Cyber Threat

Bin Laden Memo     Bin Laden Family    Bin Laden Photos     Bin Laden Attacks?     $14 Bomb Threat

Campaign Propaganda     Law Enforcement Surge    Al Qaida Almost Gone   Danish Terror Threat

Potential Terrorist Attack       Al Qaeda Plane Terror     Osama’s Wives Again     Major Kabul Story

Pastor Terry Jones is Back!    Bomb Threat     Implanted Bombs    Terror Porn    Treasure Trove

Al Qaeda and Fox Drama      Osama to Assassinate Obama       Ridiculous Al Qaeda Name Change

Bin Laden’s Final Words     911 Trial Years Later    AP Propaganda    Foiled Terror Plot  1    2    3

4/14/12 “You can expect: Terror Threats, Bombs, Plane Problems, Emergence of New Super Villain Archetype.”

North Korea 2     North Korea 3     Iran Drone Drama     North Korea 4     North Korea 5


3.  The Bp Oil Spill


My documentary:  Media Mind control and the BP Oil Spill         BP Oil Spill 2 Years Later


4. The Trayvon Martin Media Blitz

It is perfectly predictable that the masses would jump on board the “Trayvon Martin” media mind control program; the programming in this particular case is so deep that adults are currently walking around wearing hoodies, as if a simple fashion statement is somehow a meaningful contribution to the upliftment of the human species.  In essence, the great injustice committed against Trayvon Martin has been reduced to a hoodie.   I will tell you that these childish displays are symptomatic of the efficiency of mind control programing and the ability that such programming has in modifying human behavior; behaviors that are predetermined and perfectly predictable.  I must also mention that the degree of accuracy, in behavior modification predictability, functions as entertainment to those who are part of the Media Mind Control Think Tanks.

1.  Subconscious identification = Wherein an individual is manipulated into projecting their own identity onto an external cause, illusionary movement, or media sanctioned celebrity.

2.  Subconscious victimization = Wherein an individual is manipulated into seeing themselves as a victim based upon their subconscious identification with an external cause, illusionary movement, or media sanctioned celebrity.

3.  Behavior modification = The process of manipulating the human psyche so as to actualize a predetermined and strategic behavior pattern.

4.  Race-based division = The abscission of species solidarity through the mythical concept of race.

5.  Perpetuation of the victim mentality = A perpetuated psychological condition wherein an individual perceives themselves to be exclusively and immutably a victim regardless of the amicability of their current situation or circumstance.

5.  Tray / Troy Subliminal Association

Neighborhood Watch Trial    Hoodies with Target    Gun Range Target Video    Trayvoning    Trevon Miller

Dark meat vs. White meat      The Race      Monkey Obama     Tanning Mother? – Video

Reactionary Programming      4 Black Men 1 White Man      Illegitimate Black Father

Gay Hate Propaganda     Gay X-Men      Gay Green Lantern     Racism & Euro 2012 Kick-Off

Pastor Terry Jones Hangs Obama


Black Zombie Cannibal Propaganda:

CDC Zombie Apocalypse 2011       CDC 2012       Cannibal 1       Cannibal 2       CDC No Zombie Apocalypse

Zombie Survival Guide    Growling Man     Dead boy wants water    Wig-snatching cannibal    Face-Chomper

Vampire Zombies    Hannibal “Cannibal” Lecter Returns


6.  Plane Problems Media Blitz

4/14/12  Episode #1 Quote:   “Over the next few weeks expect stories to come out concerning Plane Problems.”


. 4-15-12  Titanic Celebration Ritual Re-Installation Program

.  4-17-12  Iran Super Villain Drama     Bin Laden’s Wives    Bombs & Airplanes    Bombs & Cake

.  4-19-12  Gulf of Mexico Plane Problems     PPA     PPB      PPC     4-19-12    4-20-11    4-19-12     4-18-11

. Super Sonic Plane Problems


7.  The number 33 and media manipulation

The Number 33 and media manipulation:  5-23     5-24     5-25     33 Chilean miners


Additional Resources:

The 911 Tracker Page

Video Series: How to Decode Media Manipulation 101


Other illusionary media stories:  Japan Nuclear Radiation Fallout, Swine Flu, Bird Flu, H1N1, Fema Death Camps, Fema Coffins, Libyan Rebels, Anthrax, Iranian Female Ninja Assasins, Iraq Weapons of Mass Destruction, Iran Weapons of Mass Destruction, Africanized Honey Bees, 911: The Official Story, HAARP, Martial Law, Y2K, Global Financial Collapse, Somalian Pirates, Reptilian Shape Shifters, Afghan Elite Female Night Raiders, Nibiru, Elenin, Corexit Population Reduction, Al Qaeda terror network, Global Warming, Climate Change, West Nile Virus.

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  1. Lynn says:

    This really dissects how they work their media sorcery. Really hope to hear from Lenon on the subject of manipulated ANGER, to the same degree of detail in which he has explained the instrumentality of FEAR. A lot of the populace out here will experience the fear (“fight or flight”) ,more as conscious or unconscious) “anger” (wrath/rage). And that’s bound to be written into the scripts/programs of this whole set-up. It may also augur for the therapeutic application of HUMOR to our advantage; such that the inevitable mass RAGE we will see accompanying catastrophic fall in standard of living has time to cool off a bit in strategic prudence and caution. Humor will be a powerful weapon for us. Satire, ridicule; the restoration of MORAL proportion.

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