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1. Race-Based Mind Control Programming

Dark meat vs. White meat       Brooklyn Niggers?       Nas & Nigga Passes       4 Black Men 1 White Man

Black Father Stereotype       The Race        Monkey Obama        Pastor Terry Jones Hangs Obama


2.  Elections Season is Gay Hate / Gay Love Propaganda Season

Gay Hate Propaganda      Gay X-Men       Gay Green Lantern


3. Super Heroes need Super Villains


4. What is Reality?

The Greatest Treasure Hunt        Osama Bin Laden – The Movie       Camels for Obama’s Head / Hens for Hillary


5. Zombie Cannibal Propaganda

CDC Zombie Apocalypse 2011       CDC 2012       Cannibal 1       Cannibal 2       CDC No Zombie Apocalypse

Zombie Survival Guide    Growling Man     Dead boy wants water    Wig-snatching cannibal    Face-Chomper

Vampire Zombies    Hannibal “Cannibal” Lecter Returns      Zombie U     Dead Al Qaeda Leader Zombie?

Zombie Obstacle Course


6.  Olympic Alien Invasion / Terror Threat Propaganda

UFO expert Nick Pope


7.  Next week’s  show topics:

Pornographic depictions of women in the entertainment industry

“First Time Ever I Saw Your Face” (Viewer Discretion Advised) – Erykah Badu

Wayne Coyne’s Statement         Erykah Badu’s Response

Lauryn Hill’s Statement about the Entertainment Industry



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4 Responses to “Transcending Media Manipulation Episode 10”

  1. Bluejay says:

    Hello Mr.Honor! Around 1:17:00 you speak about homosexuality. Do you think people are born gay/homosexual/lesbian or they become that way? I ask this out of curiosity. I don’t like or hate gay’S same as skin color. I make my opinion out of someone individually.


    • Lenon Honor says:

      When a child is born it is neither homosexual or heterosexual.

      • Bluejay says:

        Yea sorry Lenon, my question wasn’t a good one. Of course a child that has just been born cannot be homosexual or heterosexual. What I meant to ask was if it was genetic, out of their control to choose between gay/heterosexual at the age when sexuality begins to exist in their lifetime. If I understood correctly you said that ‘people’ that come to this planet ( I imagine you are talking about the ‘soul’ here ), come to experience different types of sexuality but they can be manipulated to experience something else that they weren’t supposed to. So I guess you answered my question already. If I understood that is. You think that the ‘soul’ has already chosen it’S lifepath before coming to earth?

  2. Gerson says:

    I was thinking about something you said…I think there are some heuristics that people use when they try to figure out if something is true or false and these heuristics are susceptible to certain biases and fallacies. When someone is fabricating a lie, we believe that that person will always try to make the story as realistic and as plausible as possible. It will often be a logically sound story, you know the kind that makes you say: “Well, I guess the truth would be something like that!”. As far as truthtelling goes we expect that that person won’t tell us an outrageous, unbelievable, unrealistic story, because that person can’t possibly expect you to believe such nonsense……unless it’s absolutely true. So I guess if someone is telling a fanciful, ridiculous story, we think it absolutely has to be true…how else did that person come up with a story like that? If it actually is a lie…wouldn’t it have to be disguised as the truth (a reasonable, logical, realistic story)…Does this make sense?

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