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1. Olympic Alien Invasion / Terror Threat Propaganda

UFO expert Nick Pope     Alien Invasion Obama     UFO National Geographic


2. What is Reality?

The Greatest Treasure Hunt     Osama Bin Laden – The Movie     Camels for Obama’s Head / Hens for Hillary


3. Super Heroes need Super Villains

Super Villain Article    Dark Knight vs. Terrorist Bain


4. NBA Finals Over (Terror Threats Propaganda Blitz Begins)

Plane Problems:  1     2     3     4     5

Bombs / Cyber Terror/ Bio Terror:   1    2     3     4     5



5.  Zombie Cannibal Propaganda

Zombie Survival Guide     Growling Man     Dead boy wants water      Wig-snatching cannibal      Face-Chomper

Vampire Zombies Hannibal “Cannibal” Lecter Returns     Zombie U      Dead Al Qaeda Leader Zombie?

Zombie Obstacle Course     Miami: Land of the Zombies      Marijuana Zombie     Zombie Road Signs?


6.  This weeks’ subliminal picture (post your findings below)


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2 Responses to “Transcending Media Manipulation Episode 12”

  1. Karen G says:

    Comments about the Golf advertisement on Episode 12. This ad clearly depicts a sexual subliminal message as well as being race-based. Everyone in the picture is smiling gleefully while the “golf trainer” (who happens to be of caucasian persuasion) holds the “putter” for the nice gentleman learning to play golf while his presumed exiled partner watches from afar and interestingly holds her own putter in front of her lower region, also smiling. There is also an element of gender confusion in this picture as the black lady watching seems to be holding her own “putter” and the white lady has a boyish haircut. And the caption is “Fun for a lifetime”. I have probably missed something, but that’s my take on it! Thanks Lenon!

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