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1. Olympics and Race-Based Mind Control Programing

Superior Athletic Gene?


2. The Emergence of a new Super Villain Archetype

Iran Threats or Media Propaganda?

Iran and the Persian Gulf


3. Terror Threats Propaganda



Plane Problems:  1     2     3     4     5     6    7

Bombs / Cyber Terror/ Bio Terror:   1    2     3     4     5    6    7    8    9     10     11

Extreme Cyber Threat


4.  The most ridiculous “story” of the week

The 911 Angels!!!


5.  This week’s subliminal picture (post your findings below)


6.  Last weeks’ subliminal picture:


7.  Video Recommendation for those who watch sports:  Boxing and Media Manipulation


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4 Responses to “Transcending Media Manipulation Episode 13”

  1. lunchie says:

    “Seal Team Six and The Super Dogs”, sounds more like either a 1970’s Hanna Barbera cartoon title, or a combo pack at a fast food restaurant. 🙂
    Great shows as always Lenon, I never miss one!

  2. Abijah says:

    Hey Lenon, great job as usual! My comment pertains to the media player used for playback of your shows: Everytime my partner and I listen to your shows we have problems with IE9 crashing the player. Is this a common problem or just isolated to us? The most annoying part is that we can’t skip forward to the point in the show where IE9 crashes and are forced to re-listen over and over..
    Anyway, kudos to you and your beautiful family

    • Lenon Honor says:

      Greetings Abijah. I have not had any reports about this issue. I use Fifefox and have not had any issues. You can always install firefox for free and give it a try. Also I plan on having the episodes available as a direct download once I close out the first season of shows. This way people will be able to download the files and listen offline.

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