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1. Fake Cyber Terror

Extreme Cyber Threat


2. Ember BOMBS!!!!!

Underwear Bombs, Body Implant Bombs, Ember Bombs, Reptilian Shapeshifter Fire Cat Bombs.

Al Qaeda does it all!



3. The Emergence of a new Super Villain Archetype

Kim Jung Un


4. Terror Threats Propaganda

Plane Problems:  1    2     3     4  

Olympic Terror    1    2     3     4

Al-Qaeda Terror Plot

NY Terror Threats between 1 and 100?

Model Plane Terror

Hair Terror

Detroit Bomb Threat

NY Plane with No Explosives

Cheney and 911


5. More Zombie Foolishness

Zombie Obstacle Course 1        Zombie Obstacle Course 2


6.  Ridiculous stories

The 911 Angels!!!       Barbecue Chip Burglars     Wedding Survival Guide     Stunning “Blurry Blob” Vortex


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