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To a great degree people become aware of events not through personal experience but rather through media manipulation. Media Manipulation is such that people from around the world can be rendered into an extreme level of fear via an event that has absolutely nothing to do with their own personal reality.

If media did not engage in the manipulative process of media saturation, in regards to a shooting that took place at a movie theater that 99.9% of the human population did not even know existed, then 99.9% of the human population would not even know or care about the event itself.

As it relates to your own personal reality, this irrelevant event will be used by media to propagandize fake terror threats (Lone Wolf Gunman / Homegrown Terrorist threats) leading into the London Olympics and culminating into the morbid death ritual celebration that is the 11th anniversary of September 11th, 2001.


Stop living in fear, reclaim your power, the power is within.


1. The 911 Fear-Based Mind Control Re-Installation Program

a. Subconscious programming

b. Fear-Based Mind Control Installation

c.  Fear-Based Mind Control Triggering – Trigger words, Trigger images, Trigger digits

d.  Fear-Based Mind Control Re-installation Programing – 9/11/01 – May 1st, 2011 – Columbine Shooting (1999)

e.  Kony 2012 – Trayvon Martin – Bin Laden – Zombies – Terror Threats – Olympics – 9/11 – Presidential Elections


2. Media Techniques of Mind Control and The Deeper Agenda

a.  In the midst of media saturation take a step back and relax

b.  Intellectual Process vs. The Emotion-Based Reactionary Mindset

c.  Demographic-Specific Mind Control Programing and the triggering of the 911 Fear-Based Mind Control Program

d.  Official Story vs. Conspiratorial Story Mind Control Constructs and the Paradox of Awareness

e.  The polarization of the population to create division, animosity, and fear in advance of the London Olympics

f.  The terror threat media blitz, all of which will be funneled into the 11 year anniversary of September 11th, 2001.

g.  Why is this being done?  So as to sell the ultimate form of mind control: Government e.g. the Presidential Elections here in the U.S.A.


3. Friday, July 20th, 2012 The Batman Shooting Rampage



Colorado Movie Shooting 70 Victims – The largest mass shooting in U.S. history

Theaters Ramp up Security – Chicago, Los Angeles, N.Y., Paris

Subliminal Suggestion via Subconscious Manipulation

U.S.A. 20 Mass Shootings per Year

Art and Propaganda


Media Saturation


Other Topics:

Lone Wolf Gunman / Homegrown Terrorist

New Mind Control Program “Soft Terror Targets”

Medal detectors and Security officers at airports

Gun Laws – Gun Control – National Riffle Association – Nato – Debate – Presidential elections

United Nations Small Arms Treaty, The 2nd Amendment, Political Debate, and the externalization of power

Movie Marketing – Super Heroes – Externalization of Power – Living illusions

The marketing of breast cancer  and Pink Ribbons – Sonia Barrett


4.  The marketing of the Aurora, Colorado Shooting & The marketing of Batman The Dark Knight Rises


5. The Doomsday Life Validating Mind Control Program

Why is it that people feel alive while fixated on death?

Answer: ?



Media Manipulation: A Brief Introduction

Copyright (c) 2012 Lenon Honor




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  1. Victoria says:

    Thanks for this insightful info lennon i will be making a donation soon….take care

  2. H says:


    Putting photos of these crazy police ppl and drama on facebook is spreading this negative message. This first caller should rather put cute and smiling pictures of his children or happy moments of his city and / or life.
    The Church of Scientology has the same message than you are in this audio, they have made also at least one clip on this fear mongering campaign from the media. I try to remember to keep myself out of reach from this negative campaign but listening to you also helps to remind myself of it. However when I go through airport security I have really troubles to see the abuse from the security staff. I’m looking at not traveling even though this is one of the things that is wanted by this negative campaign. Make ppl fear to move. They don’t like movement. Anyways I sent a payment yesterday. Will try send more. I know it won’t pay your kids meal for a month but I really hope more ppl will help too and keep you in business. Maybe you could do a survey on us to find what is needed & wanted and deliver that so there will be more stable viable income from this activity. Wishing you and your family all the best. You are such a great asset to our society.

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