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Olympics, Race, Zombies, Terrorism, Manhattan, and 911: The picture of a great puzzle is finally coming into view


1. The Olympics and Race-Based Mind Control Programing

Gabby Douglas’ Hair


2. The Olympics and Fake Terrorism

The Calm Before the Storm

Vigil Against Terrorism

Olympic Terrorism Propaganda

Olympics end on August 12th, 2012

911 Morbid Death Celebration takes place on September 11th, 2012

U.S. Presidential Elections takes place on November 16th, 2012


3. Bomb Plot Bonanza

Bomb Joke(r)

Walmart Bomb

San Antonio Bomb

Ultra Light Terrorists


4. Zombie Apocalypse / Race-Based Mind Control Programming

Zombie invade ground zero

Zombie Blood Energy Potion

The Tanning Woman Is Back!


5. Cheney is back!  Welcome to the Global Motion Picture Stage Show

George Bush , Osama Bin Laden, Donald Rumsfeld, Pastor Terry Jones


6. Bird Flu / Swine Flu/ H1N1? – How about Seal Flu!

Seal Flu


7. Media Techniques of Mind Control and The Deeper Agenda

a. In the midst of media saturation take a step back and relax

b. Intellectual Process vs. The Emotion-Based Reactionary Mindset

c. Demographic-Specific Mind Control Programing and the triggering of the 911 Fear-Based Mind Control Program

d. Official Story vs. Conspiratorial Story Mind Control Constructs and the Paradox of Awareness

e. The polarization of the population to create division, animosity, and fear in advance of the London Olympics

f. The terror threat media blitz, all of which will be funneled into the 11 year anniversary of September 11th, 2001.

g. Why is this being done? So as to sell the ultimate form of mind control: Government e.g. the Presidential Elections here in the U.S.A.


Media Manipulation: A Brief Introduction

Copyright (c) 2012 Lenon Honor




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  1. Kathy Wilson says:

    I am just overwhelmed by the viscous attacks on this young lady, done by other Blacks how much does that cost to pay someone to lie?
    I can barely stomach it. But because of your program, I understand the buttons pushed. A vulnerable young girl grilled over. I fear what awful thing they will do to her daily. Thats the point right?

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