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1. The Temporal Narcissist

A temporal narcissist is one who believes that they are the center of the universe and that at some point during their existence there must be a major doomsday event or rapture like event.  Psychologically speaking the Temporal Narcissist operates from the restrictive matrix of The Doomsday Life Validating Mind Control Program.

1.   Y2K

2.  H1N1  Pandemic

3.  Elenin/Niburu Doomsday – Alex Retrov

4.  HAARP will be used to create a Major Earth Quake in California or Australia

HAARP Illuminati







5.  Bombings during the London Olympics 2012

London Olympics Terrorist Attack






The Olympics is over. No terror attack, no alien invasion. Everyone who believed in such things did so because of MIND CONTROL.  Those of you who are attempting to extend the Olympics for a few more days need to stop with your programmed infatuation with death and destruction via an Olympic terrorist attack. The Olympics are over. Let go of your need for the fulfillment of death and destruction; a fulfillment that was imbedded into your subconscious mind via media manipulation and mind control.


2. The Olympics and Race-Based Mind Control Programing

gabby douglas hair







3. The Olympics and Fake Terrorism

Olympics ended on August 12th, 2012


4. Bomb Plot Bonanza

Bomb Joke(r)

Walmart Bomb

San Antonio Bomb

Ultra Light Terrorists

A Man is a ticking Time Bomb?

Exploding Toilet Time Bomb?

Bomb Plot NY

Photoshop Super Villain Archetype


5. Plane Problem Media Blitz

trust me I'm lyingRyan holiday Media ManipulationMedia Manipulation.

911 Mind ControlTSA Alex jonesOsama Bin Laden 911.




Terrorist Attack 911





Plane Problems    1     2     3     4     5     6     7     8     9     10

Hypersonic Plane Crash

Cannonballs and Grenades at your airport

Weapons found at airport

TSA Drama

Air France out of gas


6. Zombie Apocalypse / Race-Based Mind Control Programming

Zombie invade ground zero

Zombie Blood Energy Potion

The Tanning Woman Is Back!


7. Cheney is back! Welcome to the Global Motion Picture Stage Show

George Bush , Osama Bin Laden, Donald Rumsfeld, Pastor Terry Jones

Cheney vs. Palin

World Trade Center Fire

Osama Bin Laden Movie


8. Bird Flu / Swine Flu/ H1N1? – How about Seal Flu!

Seal Flu


9. The Illusion of 2012 as an age of ascension.

Media Manipulation Ryan Holiday


10. Forget 2012. It’s all about 2020!

Violent Upheaval


11. The Global Motion Picture Stage Show

Super-villains Unite!

The White Toyota Truck is back!


Media Manipulation: A Brief Introduction


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