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911 Truth










Episode 26 Articles:

7-8-13 Osama Bin Laden is Back

7-8-13  Hospital Terror

7-8-13  Osama Bin Laden / Seal Team 6 secret records

7-8-13  Pakistan and the “hiding” Bin Laden

7-10-13  Al Qaeda Child Bride

7-11-13  9/11 Prisoner designs vacuum cleaner in CIA secret prison

7-19-13  More underwear bombers were trained

7-23-13  Plane Problems New York

7-23-13  Al Qaeda Jail Break!

7-23-13  Is Al Qaeda Back?

7-26-13  At war with ? produces fear

7-26-13  Al Qaeda is back


Episode 27:

7-29 -13  Car Bombings in Iraq

7-29-13  Plane Problem

7-30-13  Taliban Jail Break

7-30-13  Al Qaeda Iraq Car Bombings

7-31-13  Al Qaeda Upcoming Jail Break

7-31-13  Jihadi Jail Breaks

8-1-13  Pressure Cookers and Backpacks

8-1-13  Al Qaeda Threat 1A

8-2-13  Al Qaeda Threat 1B

8-2-13  Al Qaeda Threat 1C

8-2-13  Al Qaeda Threat 1D

8-2-13  Al Qaeda Threat 1E

8-3-13  Extensive News Videos = Media Saturation

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  1. dennis snyder says:

    Good morning,
    While I was listening to this episode the play button above the media manipulation timeline disappeared and I cannot find it anywhere on the site. Is there a problem? What do I need to do to access the player?

    • Lenon Honor says:

      The only thing that I can think of is that you will need to refresh your page and try again or perhaps use a different browser. I use Mozilla Firefox and it works really well for me. If you are on a Mac there is a Mac version of this browser. Hope this helps.

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