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911 Truth










Episode 26:

7-8-13 Osama Bin Laden is Back

7-8-13  Osama Bin Laden / Seal Team 6 secret records

7-19-13  More underwear bombers were trained

7-23-13  Al Qaeda Jail Break!

7-23-13  Is Al Qaeda Back?

7-26-13  Al Qaeda is back


Episode 27:

7-29 -13  Car Bombings in Iraq

7-30-13  Taliban Jail Break

7-30-13  Al Qaeda Iraq Car Bombings

7-31-13  Al Qaeda Upcoming Jail Break

7-31-13  Jihadi Jail Breaks

8-1-13  Pressure Cookers and Backpacks

8-1-13  Al Qaeda Threat Propaganda

8-3-13  Extensive News Videos = Media Saturation


Episode 28:

8-3-13  Terror Threat Underway

8-4-13  Embassy Closings Extended

8-4-13  The Return of Muammar Gadaffi

8-4-13  Al-Qaeda Threat Evolves

8-5-13  Liquid Explosive?

8-6-13  U.S. Citizens Leave Yemen

8-6-13  Benghazi Consulate Attack

8-6-13  Fukashima Daiichi Power Plant back in the news

8-6-13  Hiroshima Atomic Bomb Attack

8-7-13  Yemen Foils Al Qaeda Terror Threat

8-7-13  Al Qaeda Growing

8-7-13  Ayman al0Zawahiri’s Phone Plan

8-7-13  Plane Problems

8-8-13  The Most Terrifying Terrorist

8-8-13  Al Qaeda 2.0

8-9-13  Al Qaeda’s New GM

8-10-13  Yemen Terror Boss

8-10-13  President Kennedy Assassination Script




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