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911 Truth


Episode 28:

8-3-13  Terror Threat Underway

8-4-13  Embassy Closings Extended

8-5-13  Liquid Explosive?

8-6-13  Benghazi Consulate Attack

8-7-13  Yemen Foils Al Qaeda Terror Threat

8-7-13  Al Qaeda Growing

8-7-13  Plane Problems

8-8-13  The Most Terrifying Terrorist

8-8-13  Al Qaeda 2.0

8-10-13  President Kennedy Assassination Script


Episode 29:

8-10-13  Fort Hood Terror

8-12-13  Al Qaeda to free more prisoners

8-13-13  Miami Terror

8-14-13  Iraq and Al Qaeda

8-14-13  N.Y. Times Cyber Attack?

8-14-13  Al Qaeda and Online Chat Rooms

8-14-13  Al Qaeda’s Violent Comeback

8-15-13  Al Qaeda “I told you so”

8-16-13  Arming Al Qaeda

8-16-13    More Iraq and Al Qaeda

8-17-13  Terror Threat?





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2 Responses to “Transcending Media Manipulation Episode 29”

  1. susan rodgers says:

    Whenever I listen to you, I feel better, like everything is going to be ok, no need to worry, and I’m able to focus on what is actually going on in my own life. I love the way you manage to make the “news” appear goofy and ridiculous – your humor has a magical effect..

    Much thanks –

    Susan .

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