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911 Truth


Episode 29:

8-10-13  Fort Hood Terror

8-12-13  Al Qaeda to free more prisoners

8-13-13  Miami Terror

8-14-13  Iraq and Al Qaeda

8-14-13  N.Y. Times Cyber Attack?

8-14-13  Al Qaeda and Online Chat Rooms

8-14-13  Al Qaeda’s Violent Comeback

8-15-13  Al Qaeda “I told you so”

8-16-13  Arming Al Qaeda

8-16-13    More Iraq and Al Qaeda

8-17-13  Terror Threat?


Episode 30:

8-18-13  Al Qaeda Militant

8-19-13  Al Qaeda Planning More Attacks

8-22-13  He’s back!!!  Pastor Terry Jones

8-23-13  Al Qaeda Tries to Change Face of History

8-23-13  American Photographer Escapes Syran Terrorist

8-24-13  Man with Uranium in Shoes?

8-24-13  Syria 1

8-24-13  Syria 2

8-24-13  Syria 3





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2 Responses to “Transcending Media Manipulation Episode 30”

  1. Kathleen says:

    Dear Mr. Lenon:
    I have watched some of your videos on YouTube. I first want to say I respect you for all the progress you’ve made in your life. I am certain your family is greatly blessed by your positive and dedicated presence in their lives!

    I was wondering if there is anything you can do to help me with my journey to being healed. I’m not sure where to begin.

    As a short background, I am 46 and have been married for 30 yrs. to the father of my 8 children, ages 30 – 6.
    I am a committed Christian as have been all of my life. I have never had a problem with any addictions. I am currently divorcing my husband due to multiple reasons, the most important being his verbal and emotional abuse throughout our marriage, along with a recent revelation of infidelity.

    Honestly, there is nothing new, I kist couldn’t take being so miserable anymore. The affair he had was hidden from me for 25 yrs. and the pain of knowing that was more than I could bear.

    I have done a lot of the things you suggest, and feel myself getting stronger, but I still find things trigger me. I am unable to talk to him on the phone or even see him without intense fear swelling up inside my gut and quivering uncontrollably. At one point when he was harassing me in my home and degrading me as a wife and mother, I felt my lips twitching, which I couldn’t control until I left his presence.

    Will it always be like this? How can I regain some empowerment against him? I also have deep hurts when I see whole families who do things together that I never experienced with him, such as attending church together or social events. This seems to be worse now than it even was before; I assume because at least before I could tell myself that someday he will change. Now I know I will never have that experience for my children. He took that from me and I feel violated.

    I honestly don’t know where to begin….do I focus on my marriage or my life before that? And how? It all seems so overwhelming. But I know if I don’t take care of these issues now, they will resurface later in another relationship.

    Thank you for your advice and for being such a good role model for ALL MEN!!

    With love, k

    • Lenon Honor says:

      Greetings Kathleen,

      I received your message on my website and first let me thank you for sharing your story with me. If you like we can answer your questions during our live video stream “Positive Relationships”. We would not use your name during the show. The shows airs live on Sundays at 6 pm PST / 9 pm EST and is archived on youtube. We can also answer your questions during our series “Breaking the Cycles of Abuse” which is a special video series that we are doing for premium members on the website. One of the categories in the series is “dealing with cheating, dishonesty, and growing apart.”. Let us know if either of these platforms will work for you and we will be sure to do a video to answer your questions.

      Peace and blessings to you from the Honor family,
      + Lenon

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