Media Mind Control and the BP Oil Spill in the Gulf of Mexico

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11 Responses to “Media Mind Control and the BP Oil Spill in the Gulf of Mexico”

  1. VizFact says:

    I have never looked at the Oil Spill from the perspective you describe.

    But one thing I did think to myself is that it was over rated.

    • Lenon says:

      It is interesting how people were saying the millions of people were going to die because of the spill. Then it was said that millions more would die because of the Corexit that was “supposedly” used. Did millions upon millions of people die? Time always tells the truth.

      • Sid says:

        three months into the disaster I awoke singing in an american indian chant and and since have come to understand the significance of the sparrow story and how the Creator know when even the sparrow falls…so if one soul is harmed we all need to cry out…peace my friend

  2. Angela Shields says:

    Wow! Great video. I loved it.

  3. CPT says:

    I remember when this was all going down, I was watching NBC Nightly News one evening with Brian Williams and the picture in the background was the oil rig on fire with all black smoke. As Brian Williams was talking, I noticed something very strange about this picture in the background – it was an extremely evil-looking face! The black smoke had fire inside of it that formed an evil smile, nostrils, and evil slanted eyes. It was an extremly evil devil-looking face and actually rather good art work for what it represented. I wish I had taken a picture because you really had to see it to believe it. I remember thinking “there’s no way that’s real – someone had to photoshop that to look like an evil face in the background” and then I realized it was meant to be subliminal. What a wicked spell this world is under…

  4. catalina frances says:

    Fabulously Constructed, Articulated & Presented!
    Throughly enjoyed & great to engage with alternative films of such calibre.
    I give thanks, Lenon & Ayida Keep up the good works.
    Peace, Positivity, Protection & Progressive Movementz

  5. Matt says:

    this is absolutely fantastic!


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