How To Prepare For A Positive Relationship With A Woman

Lenon HonorIn this video series I provide a clear and logical approach to preparing for a positive relationship with a woman.  Using the knowledge gained while being in a 16 year relationship with my wife, I provide men and women with the information that they will need to prepare for a positive relationship.  This video series will also help women to raise their relationship expectations.  If you are already in a relationship this video series will help to make positive changes so that your current relationship will be even more positive.

15 Videos!

2 Hours and 30 minutes in length!

Includes 15 video downloads and 15 audio downloads!

Video Series Overview:  Introduction

⦁ The importance of expanding your mentality about relationships
⦁ Your next relationship can be a successful relationship
⦁ The power of analyzing relationship history

I. Mental Preparation

Lesson 1:  Your mentality about yourself
⦁ Overcoming limiting thoughts about yourself
⦁ How to build confidence as a man
⦁ The importance of being a man of integrity

Lesson 2:  Your mentality about women
⦁ Demystifying negative stereotypes about women
⦁ The importance of focusing on what you want
⦁ Choosing out of desperation vs. choosing with intelligence

Lesson 3:  Three things that you can do improve your mentality about women
⦁ Purify your media stream
⦁ Purify your social circle
⦁ Replace disrespect towards women with respect for women

Lesson 4:  Your mentality about relationships
⦁ How to improve your mentality about relationships
⦁ Overcoming childhood programming
⦁ The power of conscious awareness and conscious correction

II. Emotional Preparation

Lesson 5:  The feelings that you have about yourself
⦁ How do you feel about yourself as a man?
⦁ Understanding the differences between emotions and feelings
⦁ Overcoming your insecurities while building your self-esteem

Lesson 6:  The feelings that you have about women
⦁ Positive feelings about women vs. negative feelings about women
⦁ Overcoming negative experiences with women
⦁ The power of forgiveness

Lesson 7:  The feelings that you have about relationships
⦁ Overcoming relationship fear through relationship knowledge
⦁ Being emotionally available and supportive
⦁ Developing emotional discipline
⦁ Strategies for anger management

 III. Verbal Preparation

Lesson 8:  The words that you use as a man
⦁ What is the overall quality of the words that you use?
⦁ Purifying your vocabulary through conscious awareness and conscious correction
⦁ How to develop verbal discipline

Lesson 9:  The words that you use when you talk about and talk to women
⦁ How to talk to women
⦁ How speaking positively about women prepares you for a positive relationship
⦁ The importance of using positive words and positive tones
⦁ Learning to be attentive to women

Lesson 10:  The words that you use when you talk about relationships and when you are in a relationship
⦁ The importance of communication
⦁ Having a more loving tone while in a relationship
⦁ Listening for the sake of understanding

IV. Behavioral Preparation

Lesson 11:  Your behavior as a man
⦁ Dealing with negative social influences
⦁ Integrity as a defense mechanism against negative social influences
⦁ 5 characteristics of a man of integrity

Lesson 12:  Your behavior towards women
⦁ How to treat women
⦁ Learning to care for women
⦁ How to understand, appreciate, and respect women

Lesson 13:  How you behave in a relationship
⦁ Live your life as if your partner is with you at all times
⦁ 5 behavior patterns that support being in a positive relationship
⦁ Overcoming addictions
⦁ Being in service to your future wife and to your future children

Lesson 14:  Practice, Practice, Practice!
⦁ Video Series Review
⦁ Everyday is an opportunity to prepare for a positive relationship
⦁ The more prepared you are the closer you come to a positive relationship
⦁ You have the power within you

15 Videos in total!

2 Hours and 30 minutes in length!

Includes video downloads and audio downloads!

Lenon Honor