This show airs live every Saturday at 6 pm Pacific / 9 pm Eastern

During this show Lenon Honor will be offering support to women by sharing his understandings about:

– Male-female relationships

– How to recognize and protect yourself from dishonorable men

– The process of healing from past relationships

– Breaking the low self-esteem program

– The qualities of an honorable man

– Attraction and internal gravity


Positive Relationship

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7 Responses to “Metamorphosis Episode 1 with Lenon Honor”

  1. Lindsay Raubenheimer says:

    great show! so needed……thank you Lenon and the callers who called in

  2. Shaneka says:

    I’m listening to these vids back to front, so forgive me jumping the gun w/ this comment here but I’ve heard 2 & 3 thus far and would like to add…

    Men need to be more compromising and adult enough to yield sometimes w/ a view point that may be wrong, both really for men and women. It’s one thing to listen and communicate but can you compromise so that together you get actually get somewhere w/ all your communication and listening. Sometimes you have to jus say, ‘my point of view or what I thought was right is actually not working’ or is wrong for the relationship. And as your wife said, being humble and humble enough to say sorry… etc, etc not gonna write a whole story here.. but jus a though to add./.. w/ that said, thx you!

    • Osunsade says:

      These shows are powerfully wonderful. I am new to listening and am catching up starting with show one and sharing them as I go along. Thank you for this wonderful service to ALL who are open to this. I am deeply humble and grateful in this experiencing. Much 13Love and Creators bliss to you and yours.

  3. T Layluh says:

    My husband and I are using your content to consciously program ourselves- daily.

    Words can NOT express my gratitude. Your family is going to be extremely blessed.

  4. Dee says:

    i really resonated with the conversation about the hair. black women in particular have many deep-rooted issues with their natural hair–even self-hatred because of it. i have had every hairstyle except glue-down or sew-in weave. i have had the pressing comb, gheri curl, perm, bald fade, afro, texturizer, braids and locs. i thank God i was able to set myself free from the processed hair trend the summer of ’97–the summer after i graduated high school. it really was a spiritual decision on my part. i have been natural since then, and have had locs since 2001. i have never felt better, freer or more beautiful. my daughter is almost 4 and her hair is virgin (natural without ever having been chemically treated). it is my hope that by seeing a beautiful, natural-haired mother who is confident with her “kinks,” that she will be the same. if she ever gets a perm, it will be once she is grown! LOL. but hopefully, she will never need to walk that road, as she will be very confident in her natural beauty.

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