Our Impact On The World

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While personal growth is “personal”, it can also have a profound impact on those around you.  Everyone that you come into contact with will be impacted by you on many levels.  There are people that I have briefly spoken to that have had a major impact on my life.  There are people that have shared just a few sentences with me and in the process profoundly changed my way of thinking.  There are people whose presence alone has caused me to reassess my own commitments to personal refinement and growth.  This being the case, we should never underestimate the power that we all have to positively impact the world.

As you continue in your own process of growth you will find that the positive impact that you have on others will become exponentially stronger.  Many will be inspired by you.  They will see in you something special, something vibrant, something revolutionary.  They will want to be around you.  They will want to be present in your space.  They will want to talk with you.  They will want to be close to the new found energy that emanates from you.  They will want to participate in your life by supporting your growth process.   Above all else they will want to grow with you, inspiring you to become even greater.

These are the quality of people that you want around you for inspiration and support.  They will be there when you fall short and when you succeed.  They will give you unconditional love.  They will inspire you to inspire them.  You will inspire them to inspire you.

Such is the circle of our interactions here on planet Earth.  Everything that we do, everything that we say, everything that we think, everything that we hope for has a profound impact on the lives of all that come into contact with us.  Therefore, personal growth is not just about the individual.  It is also about the individual’s ability to positively impact the quality of our existence here on planet earth.

“My name is Lenon Honor and I committed to birthing positive relationships, healthy families, and personal growth.”


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  1. PretzelFlashyo says:

    That is a wonderfull post , thank you Lenon, very inspiring so true and on the spot in the moment. Peace

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