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Pregnancy Support Lenon Honor La Leche League

This book is 132 pages in length

This book “Pregnancy Support” was written to provide men and women with the information that they will need to prepare for the challenges that the pregnancy experience can bring.

This book will provide men with a practical road map that they can use to prepare for pregnancy.  Single men will be provided with the knowledge that they will need to prepare for a positive relationship.  Boys who read this book will be provided with a practical example of how a man should treat a woman during pregnancy; they will also be provided with a positive role model to aspire towards.

Women who read this book will learn why it is important to set a high pregnancy support expectation. Single women and single mothers will learn the truth that there are honorable men in the world who will support them during pregnancy, labor, birth, and postpartum.  Girls who read this book will learn the importance of setting a high pregnancy support expectation.

Males and a females will benefit from the life lessons and the wisdom shared in this book.


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  1. The Roosevelt's says:

    Hi Honor family, How are you doing? I was wondering if I wanted to purchase two different books, does it has to two serprate transactions? Can I purchase them together, paying only one shipping fee? I didn’t see an option to put them in a cart on the website.Thanks in advance

    • Lenon Honor says:

      You can purchase two copies and then I can refund you for the second shipping fee.


      You can send me a direct paypal payment for two books in the amount of $45.00
      My paypal email address is:

  2. Tairra Pamplin says:

    Hi Lenon & Ayida,

    I just purchased Ayida’s cookbook using PayPal; however I did not get a chance to correct the shipping address listed in my acct. Would you mind shipping to my new address here in Seattle please, my apologies for any inconvenience. If I could send you my Seattle address confidentially to either of your email addresses, I would greatly appreciate it.

    With gratitude and thanks


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