Purifying Your Media Stream

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We live in an age were negativity is broadcast all over the world through seemingly endless media streams: music, magazines, videos, movies, blogs, vlogs, newspapers, television, radio, the internet, etc.  As an example of this you can go to any news outlet and observe what is being reported on.  For instance today is November 1st, 2011.  Here is a sample of the major stories being reported on:

CNN – Pakistan truckers face deadly drive / Filmmaker tortured in Syra / Stocks end stellar month with a tumble / Snowstorm leaves 1.7 Million without power

Reuters – Cain calls sex harassment claims “baseless” / New cyber-attack targets chemical firms / Does more people mean more poverty?

BBC – U.N. concern over Libyan Weapons / Arizona smashes Mexico drug ring / Grow your own meat

Al Jazeera – US condemns UNESCO over Palestine vote / Hundreds killed in Sudan clashes / US soldier cut Afghans’ fingers as trophies

ABC – Russian spies caught on tape / O.J. Simpson’s untold secrets / Girl hung in haunted house accident / Domino’s guy torched Papa John’s guy / FDA: Beware black licorice overdose

Fox – Somali suicide attack made in US / Killer in Connecticut home invasion abused sister / Nurses: Hospital pressured us to help in abortions / 2 giraffes, other animals die in N.J. Zoo fire

Such stories are the norm on all major news outlets.  The same level of negativity can be found in various media streams including the internet.  I am by no means devaluing the internet as a viable means of transmitting positive energy and information, I am merely outlining the fact that media streams can negativity impact the quality of our lives.  This impact has little to do with the nature or quality of the content itself.  Rather, this impact has to do with the degree to which we allow it to impact us.  What do I mean by this?

Ultimately the viewer or ready has the power to choose what to view, what to listen to, or what to read.  No one forces anyone else to turn on the television to watch the nightly news.  No one forces anyone else to visit any particular website.  No one forces anyone else to go to the blog that gossips about what celebrities are doing or not doing.  The viewer or reader must agree to engage such content by turning on the television or by left-clicking on the internet.  In the end it is a choice.

In an age of instant communication, satellite broadcasting, and the world wide web, you and I have no control over what the major news networks report on, what bloggers post, or what content is presented on any given website.  However, we do have control over what we turn on and what we click on.  Therefore, each of us can make a conscious choice to only engage those websites that are projecting positivity.  We can make a conscious choice to only visit those video sites that have uplifting content.  We can make a conscious choice to only read insightful and inspirational blogs.

When we make conscious choices in regards to the types of media streams we frequent, we empower ourselves to invite more positivity into our lives.  When we invite more positivity into our lives we find personal fulfillment, happiness, and personal growth.


“My name is Lenon Honor and I committed to birthing positive relationships, healthy families, and personal growth.”

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  1. Postive Thoughts says:

    I think your covering this subject (media manipulation) is one of your greatest contributions to the world. I hope you continue to cover other important issues–especially those that others tend to avoid.

  2. William says:

    Totally agree with PT. Help us gain our vision back, Lenon 🙂
    Great work as always.

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