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Second Half (1 hour 33 minutes)

Sadiki Bakari is one of the preeminent visual lecturers of his generation.  His visual presentations bring forth a renewal of the spirit and cleansing of the soul.  Bakari is also a published author, people’s advocate and explosive spoken word artisan.

Bakari has authored 6 books, including his latest titles, “Hip Hop Androids, Artistic Clones and the Portal of Artificial Intelligence” (2011) and “Is Computer Software the New God: Cyber Consciousness and Cybernetics in the Epoch of Spiritual Transmigration Interface” (2011). These books highlight the portal of expansion, spiritual technology, artificial intelligence and how to design and be architects of the future.

In addition to his scholarly endeavors, Bakari is the California Coordinator for the FTP Movement and has organized the serving of over 50,000 meals and clothing the homeless community in the Los Angeles area over the past 7 years.

Sadiki’s Website:  http://www.sadikibakari.com/index.html

Facebook: Sadiki Bakari

Books:  http://www.sadikibakari.com/books.html

DVDs:  http://www.sadikibakari.com/dvds.html



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    Sadiki, you had me at breastmilk. But, I would just like to know… what’s with the Ankh? I just want to overstand.

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