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Second Half

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Sonia Barrett is globally recognized for her unique, in-depth and humorous style of explaining the nature of reality as not only a virtual reality but ultimately a game.  In 1992, a newly divorced single mother of two sons, Sonia Barrett set out to prove her own influence on physical reality amidst the difficulties and struggles.  She was determined to triumph in consciously Fusing Mind and Matter.  Against all odds, she proclaimed a movement upon herself without books or gurus to guide her, with only determination as her resource.

Sonia Barrett would eventually “penetrate the matrix,” as had been her desire and ultimate goal.  She became her own experiment and the results later became the books The Holographic Canvas: The Fusing of Mind and Matter published in 2008 and The Cosmic Game in 3D: Mastering Reality, Mastering the Matrix of the Mind.  With the publishing of The Holographic Canvas Sonia found herself at the other end of her many years of silent learning.

Sonia Barrett is also the host of Sovereign Mind Radio and publisher of Sovereign Mind Magazine.  She has been interviewed on a number of radio programs and currently presents workshops and lectures internationally.  The concept behind these workshops and lectures is to reawaken the memory of those attending, as noted on the back of her book “the answers are all tied into the forgotten past and like the single cell of a plant our history is encoded in our cell, DNA and the air we breathe”.  She is currently producing a documentary titled “The Business of Disease”.  This documentary was inspired by Sonia’s insightful article “The Marketing of Breast Cancer”.

Sonia’s email:  sovereignmindradio@yahoo.com

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  1. James Robertson says:

    Love this interview. It was like two old friends sitting and talking. Thank you for blessing us with this. Peace

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