In this documentary series I outline the staggering correlations that can be drawn between the dramatic works within the movie industry and the dramatic works presented within the mainstream and the alternative news.  This documentary also looks at the various ways that mass media manipulates human consciousness.

The Global Motion Picture Stage Show Part 1  “The Grand Script”

The Global Motion Picture Stage Show Part 2  “All The World’s A Stage”

The Global Motion Picture Stage Show Part 3  “Unfathomable scenarios and Unthinkable Storylines”

Lenon Honor
















Part 2 will be available in two weeks


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2 Responses to “The Global Motion Picture Stage Show”

  1. karen middlebrooks says:

    hello Honor family,
    which video is the one that exposes Beyonce Single Ladies video? i also signed up for a one month membership to start. thank you.

    • Lenon Honor says:

      Hello Karen,

      The expose on Beyonce Single Ladies is part of my video series “The Truth about Subliminal Messages”.

      + Lenon

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