The Borg Agenda Part 7A

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Click Here for Part 7B


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15 Responses to “The Borg Agenda Part 7A”

  1. Dee says:

    CANT WAIT TIL THE BORG 7B!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Is 7B NOT free?

  2. JedoJahI777 says:

    When will you do films on Stargate SG1?

    • Lenon Honor says:

      I do not have plans to do a film on Stargate SG1. However that would be worth the time for sure. Blessings.

  3. Kris says:

    Thank you for your work. I am only on Part 2, I just wanted to share a tech link. I will comment later 🙂

    “Developed by Perpetua Power, it’s called TEGwear Technology. Similar to the way that solar cells work to extract energy from sunlight, body-heat absorbed by TEGwear excites electrons and optimizes this energy. It could power body-worn medical, fitness, and safety related electronics. Each single, square-inch TEGwear chip generates up to three volts.”

  4. Ramon says:

    Dear Lenon,

    I am watching The Borg Agenda, but in some way i can’t watch the part 5 series. Is there another way to watch them? Thanks for sharing all your work.


  5. Todd says:

    When will Borg Agenda 8 be available for viewing

    • Lenon Honor says:

      I am not sure Todd. There is so much on my plate for the next year or so. I had hoped to have it done this year but I have several books that I am working on right now.

      • Todd says:

        That is fine as it is obvious that it takes a great deal of time to put these videos together with such detail and analysis. Hopefully, I will have an opportunity to meet you at the lecture in Virginia with Djehuty, I am not certain if I am going yet due to being so busy with the online store and walk-in customers.

  6. mike says:

    Where is The Borg Agenda Part 8?

  7. Chris says:

    You missed a step… “The Maquis” (aka freedom fighters) are fighting the “Cardassians” (aka Natzis)… not the federation…

    I wonder how many more mistakes you have made in your personal breakdown…

    In my opinion I think that if these programs serve a purpose, that purpose is to romanticize the “struggles” from the perspective of those in the past that did atrocious things and embed in the populations mind – whether educated to the facts of the past or not – a sense of forgiveness for their future plans to be accepted…

    I believe that all healthy human beings are connected either telepathically or spiritually or both… the degree to which would be a matter of health of body, and heath of mind… we already naturally have a collective sub conscientiousness… that is to say that all the past IS somehow encoded into us, but to say it is encoded through our DNA would be a unknown…

    but I know why you use that word, because DNA is just another fad word that people pay attention to!

    I also believe that those that seek to control and enslave others or submit to augmentation to gain senses they have lost since childhood are sick and slowly losing their health.

    Health is a big factor when connecting to the Spirit of every living thing, weather it be here or to the extents of the universe, assuming there are any extents which there may not be.

    In cities where the air we breathe and the food we eat is poisonous, the shadows of tall buildings block a certain spectrum of cosmic energies, and many other factors, we become unhealthy, there are many other areas to study and there are a lot of things to consider!

    There are forms of technology that can help humanity and also forms of technology that can be destructive.

    I urge those that love and want freedom to look deeply into the bitcoin technology – don’t let terminology dictate your choices… a name is just a name and coincidently because the way the world is today trust in certain terminology stops those that are caught in that trap to be dismissive and not do research and ask further questions…

    I will leave it there for now because I can talk all day about most subjects and I tend to go off in all and any direction!

    if anyone with a positive outlook wants to contact me then please do so;

    I’m at

    Don’t get bogged down in terminology, we can create any future we want and I think that most of us want that future to be good!



    • Lenon Honor says:

      Chris you are incorrect. The Maquis fight against both the Cardassians and the Federation. This is the case in 3 Star Trek Television series including The Next Generation, Deep Space 9, and Voyager.
      Star Trek The Next Generation (TNG):
      In this series there are countless references to the conflict concerning the Maquis with respect to the Cardassians and the Federation. In fact, part of the transition between TNG and Deep Space 9 centers around the Federation’s struggle with the Maquis.
      See episodes: Journey’s End, Ensign Ro, Preemptive Strike
      (Also see character Ro Laren)
      Deep Space 9: Captain Siskos personal vendetta against Michael Eddington is epic within Star Trek lore. Furthermore, Sisko’s friendship with Maquis leader Calvin Hudson sets up a dynamic plot line that grows throughout the series.
      See episodes: The Maquis Part I and II, Tribunal, Defiant, For the Cause, Blaze of Glory, etc.
      Voyager: The whole premise of the Voyager series is based upon the Federation’s pursuit of Maquis Separatist/Traitors/Terrorists. In the first episode of the Voyager series titled “Caretaker” Captain Janeway pursues a Maquis ship that is commanded by Chakotay. As they pursue the Maquis ship the Maquis ship is pulled across the Galaxy by an entity called “The Caretaker”. Voyager is also pulled across the Galaxy. The Maquis and the crew of Voyager combine aboard Voyager and begin their Jouney home.
      See episodes: Caretaker, Repression, Worst Case Scenario, Learning Curve, Scorpion, etc.
      With an email address siting “Alpha Command” I would expect you to know these basic aspects of Star Trek. You would have been kicked out of Star Fleet Academy had you said “The Maquis are fighting the Cardassians not the federation.” This being the case it would be wise for you to do your research before you comment.

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