The Colorful WOMB – A Canvas of Life

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My first memory of birth was naturally beautiful.  A rainbow of colors flowed from her womb.  Many textures ranging from liquid to solid form gave way to the life coming thru the narrow tunnel leading to this dimension. The child was born and rested upon mother’s breast, they both exhausted from their shared journey.

I was but a small child of four years and I was in awe to witness such a triumph of nature. This beautiful experience would remain in my conscious mind awaiting its turn to manifest within the mother within me. I have no idea who this mother was nor do I recall her name, but I remember those colors, those textures and the feelings within me.

Every cell structure of my body built a concrete memory of this unforgettable experience in my mind’s eye. I have carried these memories within me as I gave birth and nurtured my five children without fear. I have often pondered on the womb, I have asked myself to recall my growth within my own mother’s womb…As a baby in utero sways to the waters of the womb it would seem that the mother’s spiritual, physical and psychologically condition is linked to the baby from conception. This is a remarkable symbiotic relationship worthy of discussion.

The questions must be asked:

Do babies remember their time in their mother’s womb?
This question can only be truly answered by you.

Do YOU remember your time within your mother’s womb? If so, what is your memory?

Regardless of whether a child recalls the womb experience, it is very important for a woman who is carrying or planning to carry a baby within her womb to treat her creative space with respect both for herself and her growing baby. Yes the womb is a creative space just as an artist has a canvas upon which to paint, a Wombman has creative space within which the universal waters support and cradle her reflection of life.

Here are a few suggestions to enhance the nurturing qualities that a wombman naturally possess:

·         Stay hydrated
·         Think positive thoughts
·         Eat Colorful Natural Foods
·         Engage in light exercise such as yoga, bellydance or prenatal fitness
·         Communicate with baby in utero with sound and touch
·         Avoid violent media  i.e.,  movies, TV, internet
·         Maintain a clean, calm environment

These steps will assist the mother in keeping the colon toxin free, maintaining a healthy womb and envisioning a positive birth experience.


Ayida Honor

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2 Responses to “The Colorful WOMB – A Canvas of Life”

  1. Corie says:

    Ayada, I have three children myself and I have a co-worker who is ten weeks pregnant. I am going to pass this wonderful article on to her. She is a first time mother and I’m sure she will appreciate this as I have. Thank you

  2. Victoria says:

    That was really nice Ayada…a colorful womb…never thought of it that way…and i have three kids and hopefully one more the time is right and i find a special man..but yes it is important to avoid stressors like violent movies and arguments and such…light exercise is important too as you said ..i forgot about that part when i was nice article take care

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