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A film by Lenon Honor

In 2011 I published my second book “Deep in the Garden of Consciousness”.  In that book I included an important story titled “The Coming of Keyto”.  This story speaks about the spiritual destiny of the human species and about our capacity to positively impact the quality of life on planet Earth.

I am now working to produce this story as a motion picture complete with video footage, computer generated images, digital renderings, graphic art, dance, and original music.  In order to complete this project a fundraiser has been established to help with production costs.  This fundraiser has a goal of $8,950.00 and will be active until Monday, April 2nd, 2012.  An itemized expense list is available for your review and can be found on the fundraiser page.

On the Fundraiser Page I have uploaded a 15 minute video wherein I provide more details about the project.  You can view the video by visiting the Fundraiser Page. 


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