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A caterpillar found itself in a small dirt field.  For 5,000 years it waited there until one night, while dreaming, it saw itself as more than it was.  In its dream it saw that it had become a butterfly: taking flight into the heavens above.

When the caterpillar awoke it decided that it would pursue its dream.  And so it searched the small dirt field but found no place suitable to perch its cocoon.  So the caterpillar began to dig a hole into the earth and after 10,000 years of digging it found that the earth was warm enough to support its metamorphosis.  The caterpillar then set itself within the earth’s womb and fell asleep.

10,000 years passed and the caterpillar found that its metamorphosis was a patient one.  Over the years its mind had grown in power and it could see the surface of the world.  In envisioning the world the caterpillar saw that the surface was empty and in knowing that it had time, the caterpillar began to fasten together the workings, the forces, the spirits of the world.

With each new thought the world was changed and four lands took their size and shape.  Then, in its mind, the caterpillar saw a great water rise up and around the four lands came forth the waters that formed the sea.  And there was a heaven above, and clouds there too.  And in seeing these wonderful things a tear came to the caterpillar’s eyes.  And in that moment a great rain began to fall upon the world.  Each thought thereafter was a seed planted into the soil of the world.  And with heavy rain the seeds of the caterpillar’s mind began to germinate and so too did the seeds of the world.  Plants and vegetation sprung up and animals soon followed.  In time the seas were made full of life, and animals walked throughout the whole four lands.  The world had been transformed.

For 5,000 years the caterpillar waited; its dreams the order in the world.  And after its waiting the caterpillar awoke from its sleeping and in looking into its mind it saw that much had changed in the world outside of its hole.  But the caterpillar’s body had remained the same, for it had not yet metamorphosized.

The caterpillar waited for 15,000 more years and in its heart there was a longing to be a part of the world, which was a place of order, where all things had their place and compliment.  But the caterpillar, who had remained in its hole for 30,000 years, had no compliment and in its solitude and loneliness it hoped to find its compliment in the world.  So the caterpillar decided that it would take the simplest form possible and ascend into the light of day.

“What form shall I take?”  The caterpillar asked, the answer coming thereafter.  “I shall take the form of humanity.”

So the caterpillar went to sleep for 400,000 years and while sleeping it had a dream.  Four limbs sprouted from its torso, two arms and two legs.  And at the end of each leg there was a foot.  And at the end of each arm there was a hand.  But the caterpillar wanted to see like the animals of the world, and in thinking such, two eyes came forth.  It also wanted to smell the aromas of the flowers, and in wanting such, a nose came forth.  And so that it could hear the sounds of the world, two ears came forth.  And on and on and on.

When the caterpillar awoke it found that its body was that of humanity.  And using the faculties of its new body it crawled up through its hole and came into the light of day.  The world of The Traveler was there before it.

But the caterpillar, whose form was now that of humanity, found that it was alone.  And though it wished to seek out communion with the spirits of the heavens above, it knew that it would have to travel into the heavens in order to make that so.  But to travel into the heavens above would not allow for the guiding of the creative process on earth.  And so the caterpillar, who was still alone, decided that it would descend back into the womb of the Earth.

And so it was that the caterpillar, which had taken human form, descended back into its hole.  But this time it did not sleep.  For in its 430,000 years of spiritual evolution it had learned of the power of dreams and of the power of the mind, which was, as its evolution had made possible, the same.  Using the power of its mind, and in its waking state, the caterpillar decided to create others in its likeness.  And upon the world of The Traveler came forth many Created People, each having its own destiny, each having its own way of living and its own place in the world.  But the caterpillar saw that the Created People needed a means to speak and so a mouth was formed upon them, of which the caterpillar had none; its mind and its dreams were the tools through which it spoke to the world.  In seeing these things the caterpillar, which had taken the form of humanity, closed its eyes to sleep.

In its sleeping the caterpillar dreamed of the Created People’s growth.  55,000 years passed and in that time humanity had grown much.  For within the mind of humanity there was the spark of curiosity.  So too was it that the Created People had evolved much in the way of connectedness, creating circles of families and unions of friendship.  And in the southern land there were a great many people.  And in the northern land there were a great many people.  And in the eastern land there were a great many people.  And in the western land there were a great many people.  All of these people were the Created People sharing one Great Mother Earth.

When the caterpillar awoke it decided that it would ascend back into the light of day.  And with its two legs it took steps out of its hole and into the world.  In seeing the beauty of its creation the caterpillar’s eyes were filled with tears and a great rain began to fall upon the world.  And the caterpillar, which had long since taken the form of humanity, called out to the Created People.

“I am here.  I am here!  Please come to me.”

But no one came, for the Created People knew nothing of the power of the mind, nor could they hear the voice of the caterpillar; for humanity was in its infancy.

In loneliness the caterpillar descended back into its hole, covered itself with dirt, and with its mind, set in order all the events of the world; hoping that the Created People would evolve further – so that the caterpillar might meet with them; so that it might speak with them; so that it might share with them the wisdom of its years; so that it might give to them the essence of its dreams and the power of its mind, so that it would not be alone…………and become the butterfly that it always hoped to be.



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Copyright (c) 2011 Lenon Honor

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